Chapter XVII: Dead Nightmare

Chapter XVII: Dead Nightmare

A Chapter by Xerclipse

Alan is still in his insanity. Will Nebula save him or will he remain a madman?


Chapter XVII

Dead Nightmare


The scene takes place at the theater. Alan is at the dressing room where there are props, mounted animal heads, and clothes. He looks around the mirrors and chairs. Alan opens the door to get out of the room and finds himself in a studio.

He hears a piano playing. Torches light up at the stage and Alan turns to the piano. Alan pulls out his hatchet and sees that there is no one sitting at the piano. He then sees that the keys are being played by themselves. Alan puts his hatchet away and walks away. There are several faceless mannequins that stand next to him. The door then slams shut instantly which shocks him. Alan turns around and sees the mirrors. They do not show his reflection. They all crack and collapse onto the ground.

Alan falls back and trips from a chair. The piano stops playing and the mannequins rotate to face Alan. Blood begins to soak through their faces which form a simple and disfigured face. A loud laughter can be heard from the mannequins. Alan looks at them with confusion. The mounted lion head then begins to laugh as well. The face moves violently and shakes the board. The chairs and the desks then begin to shake and laugh. The laughter is a mix of female voices and male deep demon voices. Alan turns to the piano that starts to bounce and laugh. The piano does not play but the thumps and laughter make its own type of music. Alan laughs at the piano and the objects around him. The broken shards of mirrors shake and make their own laughter. Alan sits down laughing at the objects. He begins to hear calliope and circus music.

He picks up his hatchet and skips to the piano and dancing like a child. Alan smashes the top of the piano and then the laughter turns into dead silence. The objects no longer bounce and shake. He still laughs after the strike. Suddenly, fire accumulates at the middle of the stage. Ali crawls up with half of her scalp burned. Her left eye is missing and her lips are missing. She has third degree burns and missing fingers. Danny then crawls from the fire too. His jaw is exposed and he also has third degree burns. His right leg is all bones and his left hand has red tissue. Danny’s nose is also missing. His crisp and black brain sticks out of his head. Ali begins to sway left and right. She jumps and does twists. A piece of her rib flies out and her burned breasts flake off. Ali turns and does another spin. Danny then begins to tap dance and his toes pop right off. Danny begins to laugh silently along with Ali. Ali does a split as her ash falls down.

Alan walks closer to Ali and Danny. He offers them a hug and they accept it. Suddenly they begin to burn again. Alan catches the fire and screams. He begins to smile as the fire burns his body. He instantly wakes up from a dream. Alan finds himself sleeping on a chair. He is at the corridors and he puts out his hatchet.


Voice 2: Alan, you have to stay here!


Voice 1: Please, don’t go. Don’t go out there. You are perfectly safe.


Voice 2: Stay with us. Please.

Alan: What about the rest of them? Where are they?


Voice 2: They are doing fine without you. They don’t need your help.


Alan: Nebula….Limbo….Marie. WHERE ARE THEY?


            The Corridor begins to get narrower.




Voice 2: The world out there is too dangerous!


            Alan smiles and raises his hatchet. The end of the hallway slides towards him. There is a door at the end. Alan smashes the door multiple times with the hatchet. The scene transitions to Nebula walking through the bloody forest. She hears the door being hit by the hatchet. Limbo then rushes to Nebula.


Limbo: Nebula!


Nebula: We have to save Alan.


Limbo: But how?


            The door stands at the middle of the fields. The hatchet then hits through the door. Alan puts his arm through the hole and opens up the door. He raises it and looks at the forest.




            Limbo steadies his paws and is ready for an attack. Nebula stares at Alan. Alan charges at Limbo with his hatchet. Limbo dodges the strike and crawls up on Alan’s back. He claws his neck. Alan throws him onto the ground and tries to step on him. Nebula blasts waves at Alan but he resists the force. Alan shoots palm blades at Nebula but she dodges them. Limbo scratches Alan’s foot but gets kicked away. Limbo then takes advantage of the grass that grows. The wind blows through the grasses and Alan. Limbo stealthily runs through the grass.


Alan: Oh I see how it is….ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one…READY OR NOT….HERE I…..


            Limbo pounces onto Alan’s back and bites it. Alan struggles to get Limbo off of him and Nebula blasts airwaves at Alan. Marie then comes in with her rifle and stabs Alan’s thigh. Nebula then blasts a big force on Alan’s head which begins to calm him down. Nebula then kneels down feeling weak after she blasts her longing force. Marie then takes out the bayonet and places her hand on Alan’s wound. A flower begins to grown from her hand and onto his thigh.


Limbo: Marie….how….how did you do that?


Marie: My mom gave the ability to me.


            The wound begins to heal. The plants stitch up the wound. Limbo walks away from Alan and then stares at him. Nebula gives Alan a big hug after he has been sedated. Marie then grows more plants on Alan’s head. The flowers begin to bloom as Nebula begins to flinch. She hears the voices that bother Alan. She then listens to Ali and Danny scream though the flames and then Solomon’s laughter. Alan starts to lose control of his own body and collapses onto Nebula’s arms. He is now unconscious. Nebula begins to lose balance as well and collapses onto Alan’s body.




Limbo: What happened? What did you do to him?


Marie: Nebula could never heal Alan alone. She needed help to do it. She drained her energy to clear his mind. I just opened up the path for her to do so.


Limbo: I hope he doesn’t get up and chop all of us up. Now come on Marie, let’s go!


            Limbo transforms into his were cat form. He picks up Alan and Nebula. Marie creates plants that serve as straps for them. Marie then rides on top of Limbo. The scene transitions back to the Monastery. Drake floats on top of the organ and sees the witch hunter spirits. Russell and Elaine walk toward him. Russell aims his bow and arrow at Drake.


Elaine: Get back to the tower!


Solomon appears behind the organ.


Elaine: (shocked) Solomon….you set him free?


Solomon: Relax….all he can do is fly around this place. He can’t leave it, and he won’t be able to manipulate anything. I have that now since I am the primary being that possesses him.  


Elaine: Yeah, but what if he has those abilities.


Solomon: That’s only when I am not here. I am the god of this place now.


Elaine: (holding her head): They are heading out of the monastery.


Russell: (singing) YES!! YEESSS!!! NOW IT’S KILLING TIME!


Solomon: (smiling) Go…now. You have to stick to the plan.


            Russell and Elaine rush out of the monastery. The scene transitions to Limbo rushing out of the theater. They crash through a window and exit the building. He then falls onto the ground and keeps on running. He sees the monastery from a very far distance. Alan and Nebula begin to wake up. The plant begins to disintegrate and they hold onto Limbo tightly.  They travel through the industrial part of the wonderland. Many pipes, oil towers, and power plants are there. Freaks begin to roam around the towers and energy plants. Alan begins to shoot most of them with his palm blades. Marie shoots them as well. Alan stands and swings his palm blades which have chains attached to them. The freaks begin to get dismembered. Their limbs fly away and their heads roll. Limbo smashes them one by one and tramples over them. Limbo catches one with his mouth. He chomps it in two. Alan pulls one Freak in and dissects it. The blood pours onto Limbo’s back as they still accelerate.


Nebula: We are getting closer to Drake. There should be a boat ahead that can take us pass the boiling river of blood.


            They travel on to the metal bridge. Freaks try to claw at Limbo but he moves so fast that the freaks get bashed away. Suddenly the gate closes up. Limbo looks down and sees the river of boiling blood.


Limbo: Do you know the schedule for this boat?


Alan: No but we can wait!


            Alan jumps off and slices up the freaks with his palm blades. He takes out his hatchet and chops one head off. He turns around and hits the neck. Limbo rams a group of freaks and grabs the last one.  He smashes it onto the ground multiple times. Marie shoots the freaks. Each bullet explodes violently. She then gets kicked by one and touches the clawed hand. She run away until the hand explodes into bloody bits. The freak screams and Marie throws seeds onto the freak’s head. Plants and thorns grow out of the eyes and mouth. The brain turns into mush. The freak twitches and falls onto the ground. Marie then throws more thorns at the freaks which explode. The botanical matter combusts onto the freaks. Limbo crawls up on the gate and grabs more freaks. He demolishes the gate and uses the parts to impale the freaks. Limbo then climbs upside down and knocks out the freaks that get him. The boat then begins to pass by. Alan sees the boat. Limbo and Nebula see it as well. Marie stares at the boat that passes by. More freaks spawn and pass by the gate.




Alan: LIMBO!


            Demons with clubs and bladed weapons come by. A large horde of them drop down towards Limbo and the group. Limbo roars at them trying to get their attention.




            The giant army of demons and freaks stare at Limbo. Spirits and freaks advance to him.


Limbo: GO ALAN….GO!


            Alan jumps down to the boat when it is getting close to the bridge. Nebula and Marie do like wise. Limbo smashes the demons with his fists. Several of them strike him with their weapons. As much as Limbo is demolishing the army, he is also getting cut and hurt.


Marie: LIMBO!!!!


            Limbo grabs one demon’s arms and tears them off. The blood splatters when the arms popped off. Limbo steps on the demon to finish it off. Limbo gets stabbed by a sword but he bites the head off of the demon. Freaks try to crawl on him but he wildly smashes aimlessly. The boat is now away from the bridge. Alan, Nebula, and Marie are now riding on the boat. Marie then opens up the door and begins to descend down. Suddenly punching sounds can be heard. Marie then gets thrown out of the lower floor and onto the deck. Russell walks up taking out his bow and arrow. He fires an arrow but Alan dodges it. Russell shoots more arrows to hit Nebula but she blasts them away.




            Marie shoots Russell’s bow. He sees the bullet that is about to explode. Russell then throws the bow and arrow away and runs away from it. It then explodes. Russell pulls out his duel machetes and faces Alan.


Russell: (with a smile) So…..where is your kitty cat….HE ISN’T HERE TO SAVE YOU NOW…IS HE!


            Nebula blasts waves at Russell but he advances towards her. He kicks her away and she falls off of the boat.


Alan: NEBULA!!!!!


            Marie shoots at Russell but he deflects the bullet with his machetes. The bullet then explodes at Marie. She bumps her head on the edge of the boat.




To Be Continued

© 2012 Xerclipse

Author's Note

So I have decided that it is almost time to end the book. I still got a few more chapters but I got to conclude it! What do you think?

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A flower begins to (grown) (grow) from her hand.

Damn those cliffhangers. And here you tell me i have almost reached the end and I was hoping it was going to be a series..

Looks like Saturday is going to be print day. Hope it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg to print 150 pages.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Don't chapter is up ;) It should end at chapter 20. How is your printing business goin.. read more

8 Years Ago

it went good the first 150 pages look real good. I will be back to read the next chapter tonight or .. read more

8 Years Ago

cool ;) well read it whenever you want. I am working on the next.

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