Chapter XX: Final Grim

Chapter XX: Final Grim

A Chapter by Xerclipse

Finally it is finished. Alan has his last duel against Solomon. Will he be able to lose the madness and live a happy life?


Chapter XX

Final Grim


         The scene picks off where Alan and Solomon are at the platform. It begins to fracture and move. The fragments are now moved slightly apart from each other. Alan is now holding his hatchet ready to strike down Solomon. Solomon attempts to fire the magnum but Alan shoots a palm blade at the bullet. There is a big explosion that moves the fragments away. Alan starts to leap platform to platform and then maintains his balance.


Solomon: So…we are here, together in this place. You know that I hate this place. Listen to the people scream, the fire burning, and the never ending pain. You are here for your death Mister Harkison. There is no turning back. Your exorcism days are over. Most of your allies are gone. That little girl and that pet are gone forever. Plus you also burned your own family.


         He then begins to laugh louder.


Solomon: They screamed a lot louder than these damned souls. Now are you here to die Mister Harkison?


Solomon jumps towards to Alan and attempts to slice him at midair. Alan then hits the claws with his hatchet. Solomon lands on a platform and Alan lands on the other. A bunch of skulls rise up to block Nebula from the combat. She keeps on blasting waves to move them away but more keep on spawning. Solomon then expels his chained finger blades to attack Alan but he dodges them. When he pulls them back, fire starts to form from the blades.

         Alan jumps from side to side as Solomon whips the flaming blade fingers onto the surface. Alan begins to pull out his chained palm blades and combat the flaming whips. He jumps away from the flames that accumulate towards him. The fire overwhelms Alan and controls his distance. Solomon laughs in madness.


Solomon: (laughing) Come on Mister Harkison! Don’t you know that you should quit now! IT’S YOUR TURN NOW TO FEEL THE ETERNAL PAIN!


         Solomon creates figure eights with his bladed chained fingers. They begin to whip right where Alan is. He dodges the flames and rolls under the daggers that come after him. Solomon fires his magnum at the ground. The bits and debris that are created lack gravity. Alan tries to run closer to Solomon but the flames forbid him to. Alan then takes off his trench coat and uses it as a shield. He is now shirtless filled with scars over him. He rushes through the fires using the trench coat to catch the fire. Alan screams wildly as he gets closer to Solomon. 

Alan batters himself against Solomon’s chest. Solomon gets knocked down into another set of platforms but Alan rolls out of control. Alan now tries to swing his hatchet at him but Solomon fires at Alan multiple times. The bullets pass by him but one of them skids across his leg. A small bit of flesh explodes from the leg. Alan kneels down on the ground supporting himself with his axe. Solomon gets up pointing his magnum at Alan’s face. Alan then shoots a palm blade at Solomon’s hand which causes his aim to go off. He fires his gun and Alan strikes his shoulder. Alan gets hit on the face by the gun, and then his teeth are bloody. He then punches Solomon’s face which also causes the hat to come off. Alan and Solomon punch and slice each other. Alan gets more burn scratch marks as Solomon gets more bloody slices. Solomon grabs Alan and slams him on the ground. Alan kicks his chest and throws him down. He pulls the scarf to strangle him. Solomon then slices Alan’s chest and then the wounds start to steam. Alan holds the hatchet and his chest. Solomon slices Alan’s arm and his chest again and again. Alan runs away holding his bloody arm and tries to defend himself from the bladed daggers.


Solomon: You got a lot to lose Mister Harkison. For me it is just pain!


         Solomon crushes the palm blade that is stuck on his hand. It collapses into shards. Alan swings his hatchet at him but Solomon dodges it multiple times. Solomon does a twist and kicks Alan’s head. The blood pours from the scalp. Alan then tries to regain his focus but Solomon creates more fire on the platform. He swings the finger blades to produce a barrier. Alan shoots palm blades all around the fire. When the fire is out, Alan looks at the area but Solomon isn’t there. He sees Nebula spawning more plants to struggle against the skulls but more keep on coming. Solomon then appears one end of the platform. Alan shoots his palm blade at him but he disappears into fire. He turns to the other side and shoots Solomon again but he disappears. Solomon then dashes towards Alan, which causes Alan to swing his hatchet at Solomon. He catches the hatchet with his metal hand and burns it. The axe disintegrates into ashes. The wedge falls into the ground. Solomon then does a left hook on Alan’s face and throws him at another platform.


Solomon: (laughing) Oh my goodness, you lost your weapon!


         Alan shoots more palm blades at Solomon but he deflects them away. He jumps onto the other platform and comes into a close combat against Alan. Alan punches Solomon’s chest and then does an uppercut, but Solomon punches Alan away. Alan swings his chained palm blades around the area but Solomon clashes against them with his own dagger fingers. Flames blast around the area and the blades clash against each other. Alan jumps over the flaming chained blade fingers and swings his chained blades at Solomon. Solomon dodges and rolls under the two chained blades. He leaps himself upward to dodge the next set of blades. He then shoots the palm blades with his magnum. They explode into many bits and shards. Alan then swings the chains to wrap around Solomon’s neck. He cuts off the chains and charges up to Alan. They begin to punch, kick and slice each other. Solomon wraps his left arm around Alan’s right arm and then flips him over. Alan gets up, kicks Solomon’s stomach and attempts to do a round house kick. Solomon grabs the round house kick and twists Alan around. However Alan does a kick with his other leg and hits Solomon’s forehead. Alan then does an uppercut with his right arm that knocks down Solomon. He lies on the ground bleeding from his mouth. He leaps onto him and pervasively punches his face. Solomon struggles to defend himself but Alan keeps on punching him.

Solomon gets up and stabs through Alan’s left arm. The fire starts to burn furiously and accumulate onto the arm. Alan gets up and tries to put it out with his right arm. Alan then smashes his left arm into the ground. Solomon takes giant steps back. The arm now has third degree burns. Nebula finally breaks free against the skulls and runs to the platform where Alan and Solomon are. Alan gets up and sticks out a palm blade with each hand. Solomon’s bladed arm is now accumulating fire. They both charge against each other. Their scream and sweat increases as they get closer.


Nebula: Alan!


         They pass each other right after they collide. A big slicing sound was heard at the intersection. Alan holds his stomach that begins to steam. He kneels down. A large scratch mark covers the middle of his upper body that is now a large burn mark. Nebula holds Alan with her arms as Alan struggles to maintain his balance.


Alan: Nebula…..I’m sorry. You are going to have to be on your own.


Nebula: (starting to tear) Please…don’t go!


Alan: No…. It’s my fault for all of this. I should have died along with my family. My own madness got me before this. Now I have to pay the price of turning my wife and son into ash. Go live a life on your own.


Nebula: (looking gloomy) No…. don’t die! 


         Solomon is looking at blank space and facing the opposite direction of Alan.


Solomon: (spitting out blood) What are you talking about? You freed me Dark Exorcist!


         Solomon’s body splits in half. His upper body falls forward and his lower body collapses onto the ground rapidly like a rag doll. The bloody splatters from both ends and onto the ground. The intestines expel from the body and the spinal cord can be seen from both ends. Solomon’s scarf blows away and his collar is visible. The collar disintegrates into ash. Solomon's top half of the body is still alive. Both halves of Solomon’s body float on the air along with the blood drops.

Solomon: You did it Mister Harkison. Thank you. It's....been such game.

Alan: (in bitterness) Is this what you call a fun game Solomon? You are such a damn fool!

  Both halves begin to accumulate flames. Screaming can be heard and Solomon’s bones on both halves can be seen. His bones then turn into floating particles of ashes.


Nebula: Alan….Alan please speak to me!


         Alan does not reply. His eyes are wide open. The blood begins to drip from the chest and stomach. Nebula leans her face against Alan’s crying. She then carries him and holds onto him. She glides through the platforms and then jumps upwards.

         The scene then transitions back to the Quinn’s house. Alan does a deep exhale and feels the pain on his chest. He screams in pain and agony. The Quinns get shocked by the instant reaction. Nebula also wakes up and takes off his trench coat. Alan has scratch marks and the big one that goes along his middle.


Mrs. Quinn: For heaven’s sake…CALL AN AMBULANCE!


         Mr. Quinn runs to the phone and dials it. Alan drips blood from his teeth and mouth. Alan grabs Nebula’s hand and smiles. He spits out blood on his chest but rubs her hand with his face.

         Alan and Nebula are now at the hospital. He has gray hair and stiches on his chest. The burn marks are still there as Nebula sits down holding his hand. She stares at his scarred face and rubs it. The heart sensor still beats at a slow rate. Nebula slightly tears when she sees Alan’s sleeping face.


Nebula: Don’t go Alan….please! It wasn’t your fault that you killed your family. Don’t let the regret get you. Don’t let the madness get you. Please, don’t go!


         She begins to cry as she puts her face on Alan’s chest. Suddenly whispering sounds can be heard. She gets up and looks around her. The breeze flows through Alan’s sheets and hair. Nebula looks around the room cautiously and spawns little thorns on her palms. Suddenly the door opens up violently. Loud banshee screams are heard. Chain sounds are also heard and the thumping sounds bother Nebula’s ears. A chained bear trap flies towards Nebula but she blocks it with a plant stalk. She blasts waves towards Elaine. She mounts herself onto the ceiling. Elaine throws more bear traps at Alan but she deflects them by creating instant mushrooms on Alan’s bed. Elaine crawls away from the ceiling and lands on the ground. Nebula grabs a chair and slams it onto Elaine’s shoulders. Elaine then kicks Nebula away and swings her chained bear traps around.


Elaine: (in bitterness) You harmless fragile child, you could never kill me! You wouldn’t even harm a fly.


Nebula: But you would kill the one that you loved!




         Nebula spawns a thorn from her hand that penetrates through Elaine’s throat. Vines grown around Nebula’s arms and then wrap at Elaine’s arms as well. Nebula sends the vines up on the ceiling. Elaine is now hanging like a puppet from the vines. Nebula then touches Elaine’s stomach and blasts a powerful wave that forces her organs out. Blood splatters onto the wall. Nebula also blasts a powerful wave under Elaine’s chin. Blood sprays from the eye sockets and mouth. The skull pops out of the face and the eyes begin to expel from the sockets. However the skull is still attached to the head and the optic nerves still hold onto the skull and eyes. The jaw and tongue collapse from the skull and the blood splatters from the broken face. Elaine now dangles from the vines and lets her exposed skull face the ground and drip liters of blood rapidly. Choking and gagging sounds are heard from Elaine. Alan wakes up and sees Elaine’s dead body.


Alan: Nebula?


         Elaine disintegrates into black ash. The vines and botanical matter disappear as well. Nebula looks back as the black ashes blow away.


Nebula: (smiling) Alan!


         Nebula comes closer to Alan and holds his hand.  She stares at his face as Alan stares into hers. Their grip is tight. Alan smiles as Nebula leans her face against his.


         Fifty years later, Drake is a priest of a church. He is a grown man and he walks towards the grave. There many people who attend the funeral and they stare at the coffins. There are two headstones. One of them is named Alan Harkison, and the other is named Nebula Harkison.


Drake: Ashes to ashes, dust to dust….rest in peace Mr. and Mrs. Harkison.


         Drake throws the first dirt onto each coffin. He then begins to rub his eyes and walk slowly away. A girl comes up to Drake. She is ten years of age. Her name is Nancy Harkison. They are somewhere private near the trees.


Nancy: Father Drake…FATHER DRAKE!


         Drake turns around and looks down at Nancy who has pig tail.


Drake: (smiling) What is it little Harkison?


Nancy: Father Drake….I forgot to give this to you!


         Nancy has a flower on her hand. She offers it to Drake.


Drake: Who is it from?


Nancy: (smiling) It’s from your sister. But mommy gave it to me. It was one of the flowers that saved her. It’s over fifty years old and it never died.


Drake: Marie….!


Nancy: Someday, I wanna fight the bad guys just like my father Alan!


         Drake begins to kneel down and look at Nancy.


Drake: Did your daddy ever tell you how evil and ugly those “bad guys” are? There is a reason why many people don’t face those things. It’s because that they are angry beings that will immerse you through the underworld. Your daddy wouldn’t want any more of his family to be involved with the madness. So please, go live your own life. I was a victim of those bad guys but your daddy saved me.


         A black cat can be seen behind a tree. Nancy turns around and sees it.


Nancy: Hey kitty cat!


         The black cat comes up to her silently. She picks it up.


Nancy: Are you Limbo?


         The cat meows at her. She pets it as the cat shares the affection. Drake smiles and walks away.


Nancy: Good bye Father.


Drake: Bye Nancy!


         Nancy walks towards the grave as she holds the cat.


Nancy: You know a stray cat like you shouldn’t be roaming around. Can you speak for me?


         Nancy holds the cat to face her for a while. The cat does not make a sound.


Nancy: Can you become a monster? ROAR!


         The cat just still stares at her.


Nancy: Oh well, time for mommy and daddy to know that I have you now. Your name is Limbo…okay!

Nancy walks closer to the cemetery as she holds onto her cat. She stares at the headstones. 


The End

© 2013 Xerclipse

Author's Note

It is now the end of Epic Grim. Are there any flaws? Any improvements. What were your favorite parts of the book? Well what did you think of the book overall?

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Wow what an ending you did not disappoint. The last battle scene was awesome. There not nothing more I could add to this novel except take the choppiness out and smooth out the wrinkles. But that’s me. I however can't wait for your next one. I have sent so friends your way to read your great work.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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8 Years Ago

i have posted it, now lets see what happens. Hey eggs are good as long as they are rotten ones and e.. read more

8 Years Ago

added two pictures at the profiles of the characters

8 Years Ago

and Limbo's human body is at the next chapter of the end.


Wow what an ending you did not disappoint. The last battle scene was awesome. There not nothing more I could add to this novel except take the choppiness out and smooth out the wrinkles. But that’s me. I however can't wait for your next one. I have sent so friends your way to read your great work.

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


8 Years Ago

i have posted it, now lets see what happens. Hey eggs are good as long as they are rotten ones and e.. read more

8 Years Ago

added two pictures at the profiles of the characters

8 Years Ago

and Limbo's human body is at the next chapter of the end.

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