Episode 2 Intro: Truth Be Told

Episode 2 Intro: Truth Be Told

A Chapter by Xerclipse

In this next episode following the first, Logun must be called to save the new station from this group along with Crimson. Will they succeed?


Episode 2

Truth Be Told


There was Carnegie, walking through the hallway and twirling his cane. He ate his chocolate bar slowly to enjoy that lovely taste he was always familiar with. It never grew old for that man. The clock at the hallway was about to hit eight in less than one hour. He was fairly happy as his eyes were wide open.

The hallway was fairly narrow but the tables and walls were old fashioned. The doors and chairs had the same colors. No door design was different from another, but wait...what’s this? He turned to his left and there he saw a red door. He opened up his hand which wore a black fingerless glove like he always was wearing. But before he proceeded with his business, he looked at one end of the hallway. Nothing special, just the pathway to his room. He looked to the other direction. Nothing special either, just an extended pathway that only had the design of a maze. Oh well his fingers came into a gesture as if he were to snap, and he did.


There came a key that he held underneath that hand. He pointed it into the keyhole and then turned it.

Click went the red door.

“Oh boy oh boy” said Carnegie Spree with both of his hands up. “I am just so glad my fellow hangmen do not know about the red room. I get to have this all to myself since it is strictly forbidden to anyone else!”

In the meanwhile Logun walked through the streets. The darkness of the absent sun surrounded Logun. The lamp posts only gave small lumination for his path. There were a couple of lights from the windows but Logun didn’t need to have the light spoon feed him the path at all. If you could look up from that lonely street, you could see a nice long white square building. It’s edges looked so smooth from a distance. The top of it was a large attena that was a shape of a sphere. The area of it was not fileld but there were bars and lines that served as parts of the attena. Then there was a large sign attached to the front of it that said “PRO NEWS!”


What was that? He turned around to find out but there was nothing. But what if there was something underneath the darkness. Eventually one of the lights from the lamp posts began to turn red. Blood? Really? Whose blood was that? Did Logun know? Of course he did, it was Crimson. His blood splattered onto the floor and formed his body. There he was always making that entrance with his crazy grin, small glasses, the bloody robes, and his hands that were dripping blood. He then whispered loud enough to Logun slowly.


Crimson then came in closely to say with his full voice.

“We both got work to do! You are not done for the day yet!”

Logun then responded hastily.

“I only have to work nights for the weekends Crimson, what is it now?”

“We got an emergency order!”

“Really?” asked Logun so rudely.

“Well, your little friend came into the boss’s office impatiently, sweaty and out of breath, saying that the new station is being attacked.

“You talking about Ryan Gillard?” asked Logun rhetorically.

“Yes.” Crimson answered so politely to contrast Logun’s rude way of answering. “But this isn’t the job for him Logun.”

Squirt! Crackle! Went Crimson’s hands which served as a sleeve of flesh for the knives to be acquired so that he could hold a physical grip on his knives.

“But I doubt this order will not be less fun as hunting subordinates. Come on Logun! Let’s go to the underworld and kill this ‘group of people’. Ryan said that the people could fight and navigate themselves through the underworld. Now how challenging does that sound?” Crimson stated with his mouth and eyes which eventually grew wider.

What, people who can fight that weren’t hangmen? Who the hell were they? There hasn’t been enemies at the underworld that could navigate their way through the underworld. That place did not welcome any guests in a convenient way. Logun could tell the excitement grew in Crimson besides the fact he saw his lively face. In fact, the other piece of evidence for Crimson’s excitement was that Crimson places the knife so close to his own neck. See this was when Crimson’s excitement accumulated. He was definitely going to enjoy the emergency order.

“The night is so young and so are we!” and those were Crimson’s words right before he sliced his own neck open. The head popped right out of the neck as he was laughing allowing the force of the blood to keep the head airborne. The body jumped backwards onto the ground simultaneously right when the laughing head splattered onto the surface.


The broken shoulders dissolved onto the hard floor along with the spinal cord. The eyes dissolved into the surface as well. The sunken cheeks revealed the exposed red tissue that blended with the floor. That blonde hair turned red in order to assimilate with the unnatural blood.

A few minutes later, there was a pentagram on top of a roof. It was painted blood red just like the rest of them. There came Logun who sprung out of the pentagram.


He was suspended on the air by the force. He was fairly about fifteen feet high just to get the great view of the twisted buildings of the underworld. Since it was dark out at the regular mortal world, there was a big yellow and red eye just like the one Logun saw when he was little. There was subordinate hunting that happened during night time but it was not practical. Sure a couple of subordinates got executed here or there when it was dark but not usually for the night time. Time to get to the point, the night time hunting was a lot dangerous because the underworld got more aggressive. Crimson the right hand hangmen was the only one who had shifts through the night, except for Logun. He was given night shifts during the weekends. Oh boy oh boy that underworld had an eye for anything.

“Bring it to me!” screamed a voice so distant away and mysterious. It was very demonic for anyone’s ears.

Logun then said out loud to himself.

“This place, it always demanded for something. Ever since I got here it was never happy. Who the hell knows what that thing wants?”

Crimson’s voice came aloud to Logun’s ears from behind.

“No one knows Logun but now that we are here, we must head for the new station.”

Crimson walked towards the edge of the roof with his knives. Oh that marvelous view Crimson had for the underworld, the cracking buildings, the surreal environment, and that constantly shifting and twisting city. He just let the gravity give him a ride of a free fall. Every window Crimson’s body passed by, it shattered so violently. The furniture and the bricks scattered for an attempt to contact Crimson’s body.

Logun then turned his head to see the headquarters for the new station. Gosh that thing was huge just like in the other world. It was a square without any hard angles. That square building had a couple of cracks and chips around it but hey, that’s something to expect in the underworld.

© 2013 Xerclipse

Author's Note

This doesn't reveal much but hey it's an intro. I'll tell you this, Carnegie does have something in that closet. What could it be? Can you answer the question?

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If only my imagination would work for me. instead all i can think about is my bio. I tried to write a new chapter in my looking glass series only to stop, going what happened to my creative juices. I love this chapter and the way you ideas come together. I will try to read a chapter a day... Right now i am pushing myself to finish in case the unexpected happens quicker then i had planned.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

i see well thnx for reading. by the way i saw oblivion.
The top of it was a large attena...-->antenna
The nighttime hunting was a lot dangerous-->a lot MORE dangerous

Great chapter, I love Crimson's interesting method of travel--you have such a lovely imagination! The narration was fantastic, especially in the beginning with Carnegie...maybe it's because I imagine Carngeie speaking in a similar way. Well done.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thanks for the grammar mistakes. And also thanks for commenting on the narration. Tells me I should .. read more
Writer #00

8 Years Ago

Yes!! You should definitely keep the narration! I'm going to read that second part now.

8 Years Ago

okie dokie. Can you check out this new chapter that has the sketches quickly? You dont have to. thnx.. read more

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