Episode 4 Intro: Revelations and Deviations

Episode 4 Intro: Revelations and Deviations

A Chapter by Xerclipse

Crimson is back, and he came to deliver some news to Carnegie Spree. What will happen next through the rest of this episode.


Episode 4

Revelations and Deviations


Blood had been stained on the ceiling. That animated blood slid across the ceiling of the lobby in the tower. The lobby was so grand. It’s walls were painted with gold color, and its intricate patterns could catch anyone’s eye. The tables, chairs, and desks were so beautifully designed as if it were for Victorian times.

His body, clothes, hair, and glasses have formed as he was hanging from the stained blood. There he was, Crimson then expelled himself from the blood and landed on the floor. That altitude wasn’t pretty low for anyone to survive without breaking a limb. Apparently, he was eating three chocolate bars that he held. That gluttonous addiction got the best of Crimson and his cravings. For he could not resist the taste and satisfaction he had received. But why was he not obese or fat as a cow? Oh right, his metabolism! How can one be negligent of the fact that his body was different from the rest of the citizens and hangmen of Acrisius?


A moment later, Carnegie Spree had came down from the elevator with his cane right on front of his body. He walked towards Crimson twirling his cane and nonchalantly and asked happily with laughter.

“My boy Crimson..... I knew you would come back! How was the reconnaissance?”

“Oh boy I don’t even know where to begin!” responded Crimson with a smile. “Boss we are dealing with something that knows us from left to right, inside and out!”

“And what does the Ascension know necessarily?” asked Carnegie who began to calm down a bit but he was still smiling as he looked upon Crimson.

“Everything, the library, the chocolate, the history, and you!” responded Crimson.


Carnegie smashed the glass table next to him with his cane. His teeth grinded against each other which eventually transitioned into sharp teeth. His eyes were rolled back and his cheeks began to change texture. He was no longer that satisfied and playful soul, he was now that angry demonic figure that he had hid inside. Carnegie screamed uncontrollably in that diabolic voice. However Crimson didn’t react to the internal side at all. Crimson then put his wrapped hands up and laughed calmly.

“it’s okay boss, they can’t do much right now!”

Bring them to me!” demanded Carnegie Spree in his demonic voice. He then let out a roar.

“As much as they know about Acrisius, they are unable to do any more harm to the city or interfere with us.” responded Crimson.

Carnegie then calmed down instantly and then reverted back to his cherubic and childlike face. He then said laughing in bliss “Aaww, aren’t they just the cutest, they can’t do anything. Ha ha! So why you say that Crimson?”

“Hhhhmmmm, they seem to talk about a prophecy!”

“A prophecy?” asked Carnegie who gazed upon Crimson with his hands up. “Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I would love to listen to the prophecy.”

“They speak about a ‘Ghost Runner’. This is someone who they don’t directly know whom the person may be but they say what the Ghost Runner would do. It is a story that the Ascension have shared amongst each other.”

“What does the Ghost Runner do?”

“Well let me tell you from the start to tie in all the facts together first! This Ascension is a group of revolutionists who believe that you do not have the right to rule Acrisius. In fact they have organized, recruited citizens, and exposed some of our secrets. Then it came to that night in which they planned to use the Underworld as access to PRO news. That was where they played their message.” Crimson then took out his bleeding hands which stuck out his knives that he held and said.

“They have been almost rendered useless at the night of the emergency mission since I killed all who the Ascension have sent down there. But there was one member of the Ascension that got away. That member is the top right hand warrior for the Ascension. However boss, since they have lost a lot of fighters that day, they needed someone else who can provide the access to their objectives, someone who can act as a trusted citizen of Acrisius, and someone with strong will. The Ascension had talked amongst themselves and spoke about an old prophecy of theirs that mentioned about......  the Ghost Runner!”

Carnegie then clapped his hands in excitement with his blissful emotions. He said. “What an excellent story Crimson!”

“Yeah, but I have some other information you might need boss, and you will have to consider it as top priority!” stated Crimson.

He opened his hand which was bleeding intensely. Underneath was a rolled up piece of paper that he took out of his hand and gave it to Carnegie. Carnegie then opened the paper and asked.

“And who may these names belong to Crimson?”

“The members of the Ascension.” responded Crimson.

“But the list is so small!”

“Don’t worry, when I continue my job, you are gonna have to make your hangmen busy when we update that list.” Stated Crimson who then disintegrated into blood while laughing as a maniac like he was. The blood had then vanished!

© 2013 Xerclipse

Author's Note

I am finally back and now I will have to battle this writer's block. I hope you enjoyed this chapter but this isn't much :P

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I just finished testing and thought "I'll read some more Ghost Runner" so I did.

Some suggested grammatical editing : ) :
right on front of his body.--> right IN front of his body
twirling his cane and nonchalantly and asked happily with laughter.--> twirling his cane [omit this 'and', it is unneeded] nonchalantly and asked happily....
"it's okay boss..."-->capitalize 'it's'... : )


Nice starter chapter and great way to add to the plot--it's always nice when the title of the book is finally mentioned in the book itself--it's so dramatic! I find it interesting that you portray the Ascension as the enemy at this point considering that their revolutionary tactics would be considered virtuous to most of the readers of democratic/republic countries. I have a feeling Logun will join the Ascension...or maybe not...I don't know, your story isn't very predictable---I was pleansantly surprised many of times!

I just had a little thought in which Tanya might be the Ghost Runner! That would explain her disconnection from Acrisian society... !!! I'll have to read on to find out, won't I!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

gonna fix those errors as soon as I have the time! Thanks. Well I figured that the story can't be ba.. read more
Now we come down to it. Thr real story of ghost runner. Excellent as always. Could been longer i know writers block can be a pain. Just imagine whats like having no writers block,but instead you can get out on paper fast enough to the point it drives you crazzy. Its worst trying to slow it down so you don't miss anything important.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Okay Shep. Im gonna take your advice when I comeback on the computer. Thanks for reading the intro f.. read more

8 Years Ago

Logan, or Ryon

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