Episode 5 Intro: Hangman Has a Heart

Episode 5 Intro: Hangman Has a Heart

A Chapter by Xerclipse

Crimson and Vixen are about to do their business until Carnegie comes in with some news.


Episode 5

Hangman Has a Heart


It was dark, isolated, and strange. There were three men who sat in this dark room. Their faces were covered by caskets and their hands have been tied behind their backs. They sat down as they faced the darkness that was about to come right on front of him. Actually, this darkness was red, and in a liquid state of matter. In fact, it was Crimson who then changed his phase into a normal human as he was.... but was he really human? He had walked past the dark shade and entered into the little source of light. His footsteps captured the attention of the three men who were tied up kneeling on the surface.  

“Are you enjoying the little party?” asked Crimson with a smile. None of the three men have replied. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you all were deaf. But that’s okay, I guess I will have to try a little... blood therapy. ”


Crimson had sliced his own right wrist with one of his knives. Squirt!! The blood sprayed from his wrist to the air. After it sprayed uncontrollably throughout the air, the blood formed into a shape of a vine. The blood split into two and shot directly into one of the men’s shoulders.


The man fell on his back pretty violently. Ouch! But that wasn’t the real pain. The real pain was when the blood penetrated through the shoulders, into the man’s blood stream, then through the bone.

“AAAUUGGGHHH!!” screamed the man uncontrollably under the casktet.

“Don’t worry, it will get worse” laughed Crimson. “But that is as if you don’t answer me!”

“Kill me already! I am a prisoner of war!” shouted the injured man. Crimson then took the casket right off of the man. His face was black and blue and his hair was unkempt.

“War? Oh yes, I suppose it is a war between the Ascension and the great Acrisius!” stated Crimson. “But in wartime, things do get pretty interesting, what do you say?”

“I say you damn control freaks do nothing but play with the devil and steal the lives of others!” Then the injured man spat blood on Crimson’s face. The blood then absorbed quickly in Crimson’s flexible face. Crimson’s face then solidified back to its regular matter.

Crimson took the caskets off of the other men. One was bald, and the other had black short hair. Of course these two men were members of the Ascension just like the injured man with the bloody shoulders.


All the lights went on in a flash. This hurt the eyes of the men as well but adjusting to the light was the least of their problems. Look, several hangmen stood behind Crimson and they were all in the enclosed room where everybody was including Vixen.

“Now I will tell you the current situation in which you all are in. You have been brought here because just by chance you are the ones we didn’t kill from that mess at the underworld. You are currently back in the mortal world with us to provide us with information. We have questions, you have answers. If you do not provide us with answers, you wish you would have told us. So, let’s begin shall we?” said Crimson who walked around the Ascension men circling them. “First question, who is the leader of the Ascension?”

None of the men answered. They sat down as they stared at the surface below them. Crimson then facepalmed himself due to the disappointment for three seconds. He took off his glasses, rubbed his eyes then put the glasses back on.

“I’m sorry, maybe you all don’t know who should answer the question. Alright let me decide that for you.” He turned to the bald man.  “Baldy... who is the leader of the Ascension?”

The bald man did not answer. His movement has not changed. He refused to answer the question. Crimson then called in Vixen who held a bladed hook. Vixen advanced quickly towards the bald Ascension member and penetrated through the shoulder blade of the Ascension member! When the member was screaming in pain, she took out the bladed hook and kicked the member down. Vixen then leaped onto the fallen Ascension member and punched the face once, twice, three times, and another one that was a painful blow. Vixen then came in with her high heels and then stepped on the bald man’s left hand.

Crack! Splat!

Ouch, the blood splattered from the hand as Vixen laughed under the mask she wore. She laughed harder and harder as she gazed upon the injured member. “Come on, don’t you wanna help us you silly boy?” asked Vixen. “You don’t look so good, and it’s gonna be that way if you still continue to not talk at all. Mister Crimson, I don’t think they want to get out of here. What do you think?”

“Ah don’t worry Vixen, they will talk. Everybody has a breaking point. If Logun was here, he could get these people to talk right now. But I am going to give them a little bit more of my blood therapy.” responded Crimson who grinned upon the Ascension members.

Crimson opened his hands and turned to the short haired Ascension member who looked at him nervously. Uh oh, what was gonna come to this one? Splat! Crimson’s hands shot out blood, pints, quarts, liters. Half of the Ascension member’s body was covered in blood, but it wasn’t just a body paint, it was pain.... horrific pain for the poor fellow.

“It’s not so nice when you don’t give us an answer right?” asked Crimson rhetorically. He turned to Vixen and said to her “You know what to do! I am going to continue my mission.”

“Okay Mister Crimson, whatever you tell Vixen what to do!” replied Vixen who lifted up the chin of one of the injured Ascension members.  She took out a bladed hook on her hand and held it high enough for the injured member to see it.

Indeed this was not going to be the best moment of his life. He closed his eyes but he still saw that his death or his severe injury had its potential. Clearly the hidden beauty behind Vixen’s mask was ready to kill! But wait... what’s this?

“I am afraid I have to bring some news before you carry on with the lovely chat.” stated Carnegie Spree who just came in. “Logun is in the hospital!”

Vixen gasped, placed the bladed hook down and turned to Carnegie. Crimson leaned back the wall and made eye contact with Carnegie who stood tall. They were curious to know more but only Carnegie could tell them more.

“Is Mister Logun gonna be okay?” gasped Vixen.

“I don’t know, but the doctors said it was a heart attack!” responded Carnegie

“Oh no... not Mister Logun! What will we ever do without him?” asked Vixen dramatically as she fell on the floor.

“Don’t worry Vixen, I’m sure I could help him.” said Crimson who placed his bleeding hand on Vixen’s shoulder.

“Really... really Mister Crimson?”

“Yes my dear, but that all depends on the condition Logun is in. So I must...”

“Oh please oh please.... you have got to heal him! Your blood can do anything Mister Crimson! You are a miracle worker!” shouted Vixen with excitement!

“Alright Vixen, it is time I go and heal him!” stated Crimson who looked down on the floor with his bleeding body.

“Crimson.... before you go, remember to tell Logun that he has off for the weekend!” commanded Carnegie Spree.

“Will do boss!” said Crimson who finally disintegrated into a bloody puddle and blended through the surface!


© 2013 Xerclipse

Author's Note

I have been out for far too long. I am sorry for starving you readers but I will try to post more as possible

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Nice a new chapter one you didn't tell me about. Awesome. Now get busy writing.

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Sure thing! And ill keep on going! But be patient because if i post the stuff right now, it would no.. read more

9 Years Ago

okay Shep, now I will let you know another chapter is up! I've been busy alright ;)
Crimson the sadistic torturer, eh? The torture reminded me of a magic show with the magician and his assistant...I don't know why. Nicely written, I hope Logun's okay! So Crimson's blood is used to inflict pain as well as to heal...interesting duality...I wonder what this says about Crimson... Great intro.

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Why would I kill off Logun now? That would really disappoint the readers.
Writer #00

9 Years Ago

: )

9 Years Ago

well the next chapter is up now XD

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