Trapped by a Look

Trapped by a Look

A Story by Krisen Lison


Trapped by a Look

She stood in the bathroom doorway, the light behind her framing her figure. Her curves formed a perfect hourglass like you only saw on a Barbie. The bright red of her hair glowed under the harsh light and the dotting of freckles over her face and shoulders perfectly complimented her pale skin. She was wearing a black night gown made of lace that showed little peaks of her soft skin. The fabric stopped part way down her thighs and he could just barely see the black panties she had on through the lace. Her leather collar was fastened right where it belonged, the silver ring on it catching the light.

            He cocked his head, gazing at her as she gave him a shy smiled. Her arms were clasped tight behind her and she rocked on her heels. He rose, approaching her and wrapping one arm around her thin waist. “You look beautiful my pet.” His voice was a lush growl in her ears. He pulled her away from the doorway and spun around her so he was behind her, gently pushing her toward the bed.

            She blushed and moved obediently, not needing to be given a verbal order. “I’m glad you like it Sir.” She purred, her head hung shyly.

            He chuckled at her, pulling her head up by her chin and kissing down her neck. She whimpered slightly and he twisted her around to face him. His lips found hers and the kiss was warm, lustful. She melted in his arms, relying on him to support her lithe form. But he didn’t support her, he let her fall down onto the soft comforter. She squealed and bit into her lip, staring up at him from the bed.

            “Look at you.” He hissed sweetly, climbing up over her and supporting himself on his arms. He wrapped his arm around her waist again and returned to her lips, biting into her soft skin. Every nip earned him a sweet whine and he savored every one. He started to nip down her neck and over her shoulders, catching the tender flesh easily between his teeth.

            She went to speak, but stopped quickly. She knew better than to speak once he had her like this. Her hips bucked up against his and he pushed his knee between her thighs, teasing her. He gave her a glance that made her smolder, every inch of her body responding to the things that glace said. “Please.” She whimpered, desperation written in every aspect of her face.

            “Oh well I don’t know now, someone broke a rule.” He chided, lifting his body off of her and hovering just above her. “I may just have to send you back into that bathroom to change again.”

            Her lips turned down and she looked up at him like a dog begging for a treat. She didn’t say another word, her lips sealed and he shook his head playfully, tracing her cheeks with his fingertips. Her teeth found her lip again and that was all he could take. The sweet expression always trapped him, he may be the Master, but she had him wrapped around her finger. And that look was the trigger to send him running back for more.

            He dropped onto her roughly, digging his fingers into her hair and pulling her lips to his. He ground his knee against her, keeping her trapped exactly where he wanted her. She moaned against his lips, showing him just how much she needed this. She’d been waiting all day in that bathroom, patiently awaiting his call. And now she would get everything she had asked for and more. After all, only the best for his little kitten.

© 2013 Krisen Lison

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Very sexy scene, especially with your great ending explaining the sex games that they play, where she waits lustily for him in costume until he gives her release. Great story, or even beginning to a larger more drawn out scene or story.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Krisen Lison

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