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suicide: a permanent solution to a temporary problem.



The Maestro

The fear of life or the fear of death
What is men, when he is put to the test
The music of Bach soothes through the speakers 
As his love for life coagulates with his tears

Brought down to the ground he sees his future
Pistol in hand, he makes his whishes
As the sound of the violin fills the room
He is now the maestro as he loads his gun

Eyes open, looking what will be left behind
A picture in the frame, is what comes to mind
Beautiful moments once lived in his time
What again brought his demise? 

With the keys of the piano softly soaring
The music he hears, through his veins is streaming
A tear drops to the floor, as his hand points the barrel up
Could this be it? Can I just give up?

He is unsure now, as the orchestra climax
Bach is the soundtrack, when he lays down to rest
Many things in life ever so stunning
He will not see tomorrow, his death he feels coming

Every minute once sought with open eyes
Now comes back, will the memories save his life?
His hands are shaking, his lips are dry
He pictures his life, the more he cries

The violin comes in, playing the notes on the string
He feels the vibration, and he begins arising
His heart races forcefully, he points the gun to the ground
With perfect harmony, he lets off a shout

Life is beautiful, beauty in disguise 
Many troubles come your way, until the day you die
He now sees this and will finish the fight
With the sound of the orchestra, he did not end his life

© 2014 ksscampos

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