Express Yourself

Express Yourself

A Poem by ksscampos

built up frustration


Express Yourself

Express Yourself

As with an ulcer, I feel a burning desire to scream
My voice a prisoner, as hate flows through my bloodstream
I am but my own co-pilot, and the id takes the wheel
Stranded within conscious, with tears my thoughts spill

Enslaved by my own doings, my actions tighten the shackles 
Gasping for air, drowning with doubts and anxiety
With each breath I take, more distinct are the crackles
Quarantined within, thoughtless thoughts unravel eagerly

I begin to ponder if ever will I overcome my silent struggles
My mouth will open and speak, expose all my hoarded rubbles
Freedom of speech must feel great, when the speech knows freedom
Until then I sit in silence, alone with the words I crave to share

I am not at loss of words, but my voice fails to speak it
From the agony of powerlessness, dark ideas begins to sit
With desire fills my lungs, ready to protrude through my mouth
Yet again I block it, and with my words start another bout

Not always do I fail to speak, when I must I retreat
Times I should, it comes with increased peristalsis 
But ideas are lodged in my throat, with no Heimlich I choke 
I crave to share it with the world, my ideas are silver and gold

Slowly I share my feelings, through inaudible scream
Listen closely; you might as well let me in
I will turn your world to unfamiliar considerations 
You will never be the same, once you see that you too are insane

Share the vibrations of my ideas, from you to me will form a fistula
Let the flow of doubts, fear and unknown knowledge
Streak the canvas as it freely flows with mere consistence
Let us share unspoken speech, through you, I will live. 

© 2014 ksscampos

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this makes the medical nerd in my giggle with delight.. such a clever metaphor--- you have done such a good job with it.. expressing thoughts, ideas, and feelings isn't always easy and can feel like they are eating you up inside when holding back, or that they are choking you.. many of us can relate to this..

two things I noticed..

"Enslaved by my own doings, my actions tightens the shackles".. think it should just be "tighten"..

"Quarantined within, thoughtless thoughts unravels eagerly"... again think it should just be "unravel"..

(not a grammar expert, so not sure.. but sound better that way in my head..)

overall I really enjoyed this.. it is clever, apt, has deeper meaning, and is inspirational and encouraging.. you can feel the emotions and internal struggle, yet the optimism.. well done!.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

thank you.. i'll make the changes.. thanks for reading

8 Years Ago

you're welcome, glad I could help.. it was my pleasure..
God, it's like you have written all the things I failed to write in my darkest time... 5th grade through.. Well, I say 16.. Things I forgot, blocked out.. Things and feelings I never wanted to feel again.. So I stuffed them down and forced this colourful bubble to appease everyone else in my life...... I feel like there is always a scream inside of me, waiting to tear out.. I've just recently, the last two years, began to tear that down.. Might sound corny but this is just what I needed. Thanks for posting.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Now i want to read that alternate ending to the Titanic

8 Years Ago

lmao I wrote it in 6th grade.. All I remember is killing off everyone.. Teacher asked me if I ever t.. read more

8 Years Ago

So unfortunately I don't have it, but if I did I would share it. i would rewrite it but it just is n.. read more

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boca raton, FL

#amateurpoet political madness a amateur writer, getting thoughts out of my head. more..


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