World of Us

World of Us

A Poem by Mademoiselle Kt

I take your hand as we wander through the streets of dark decay. 
& I wonder if this world will ever see a truly perfect day...
So I decide to make one, nor right here but still right now,
I kiss you and once again I can't manage to find the ground.
But curiously I can't seem to make my feet connect with dirt,
I just feel and see myself leaving this world composed of hurt.
I open my eyes just to realize that I'm definitely not home...
The streets have no sidewalk and the buildings have no stone.
The grass isn't green and the sky isn't blue,
the only thing that's the same is I am me and you are you.
This world is so different, everywhere are seas and oceans.
And the colors are not definite, they're controlled by mere emotions.
I feel like Alice down the rabbit hole, everything's so strange.
But all this newness I can accept, cause I was ready for a change.
I know this isn't Heaven because I haven't quite yet died,
But I'm pretty sure in this land, even if I had nobody would've cried.
You squeeze my hand and look at me, adventure in your face.
And though I know you're new here too, I'd let you guide me through space.
I'll race you through the flower fields chasing butterflies and dreams,
and you'll grab me down and fill the air with our giggles and my screams.
We watch the clouds go by and we wonder if this is real.
It doesn't matter though, because here is where scars can heal.
Anything we think about becomes the reality and truth here,
But we wouldn't harm anything, so there's no need for fear.
We could fly with Harry Potter, or capture Pokemon!
We could travel and slay dragons, from dusk until dawn.
We could grow, then shrink, or become king and queen.
Or, we could simply go back home and realize nothing is as it seems.
Forever this day will stay with me, along with your laugh and smile.
Because, our world was perfect, even if just for a little while.

© 2011 Mademoiselle Kt

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this is whimsical and fun and seems almost post-apocalyptic in some parts ...i sense a real energy here and a lot of the fantastic which i am quite fond of, both in writing and in song. what a wonderful being this being must be (forgive the redundancy) i love that expression, i may have just made it up, who knows? keep writing in this style and i guarantee an avid reader from this end!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on April 30, 2011
Last Updated on April 30, 2011


Mademoiselle Kt
Mademoiselle Kt

Spokane, WA

I'm Kt. I don't write much. When I do, most of it isn't very great. more..

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A Story by Mademoiselle Kt