Untitled (1) (Many 'untitled's to be coming, I hate titling poems)

Untitled (1) (Many 'untitled's to be coming, I hate titling poems)

A Poem by Mademoiselle Kt

This is a poem I may possibly be entering with in my school's poetry slam, or in Get Lit festival, if my ride and I write enough poems.

If I want to say I love you, it takes hours and days full of preparation,
but if I plan to say that I hate you, it takes no hesitation.
And our society tells us that love starts with trust,
but I'm trying to say that all it requires is lust.
So if love starts so simply, then how does hate form?
Does it start as a sprinkle and end up as a storm?
Is it from being white like the snow, or like my coffee, black?
Maybe, but it doesn't matter, it's all just whack.
Is it started in fear of who we might love?
Because we all know that only straight couples get approval from above.
Or is it started by the question of a higher power?
Yaweh, God, Allah, which one is ours?
So we fight and we war because we don't understand
How God could love a man who is in love with a man.
And my president is black but I am white,
and all of this makes us war and fight
but yet we're able to tell ourselves at night,
"All is forgotten. We are all just trying to make the world a better place."
But when someone different comes around there's not enough space.
Dying for love, dying for hate,
but we're all just trying to recreate and repopulate,
the world with people like us. Is that so wrong?
Our hearts are filled with love and hate, both strong. 
But what if love and hate are the same thing?
After all, they both make us write poems and sing.
So while I am trying to vanquish hurtful feelings,
Am I also trying to stop hearts from healing?
I'm not saying love or hate are bad,
I'm just trying to say that better reasons need to be had
for hate. And a reason isn't stemmed from discrimination,
it starts with confrontation,
between you and another,
and it has nothing to do with the gender of their lover or the race of their brother.
It needs to start from being rude or hurtful,
but it would be better to be merciful
and forgive others for their mistakes
because we've all been there and that's all it takes
to eliminate hate from the mind like toxins
from the body and that my dear friend, is when love walks in.

© 2012 Mademoiselle Kt

Author's Note

Mademoiselle Kt
I believe I spelled Yaweh wrong, if someone could correct me on that I would greatly appreciate it.

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Added on April 11, 2012
Last Updated on April 12, 2012
Tags: love, hate, discrimination


Mademoiselle Kt
Mademoiselle Kt

Spokane, WA

I'm Kt. I don't write much. When I do, most of it isn't very great. more..

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A Story by Mademoiselle Kt