The Red Dinner

The Red Dinner

A Chapter by Kuandio

Dreamt 5/14/2016

            There were two families meeting at a great house atop a hill.  It was similar to a castle, but in a modern fashion, with huge glass windows granting a view of the ocean far to the west.  I was a member of the family hosting the arrival of the other family. It was my family from real life, but much larger, with new members, and extended members also. We were very close, like a clan.

            This other family that was on their way was bigger, more powerful, and they were ancient rivals. They came from somewhere else, across the mountains perhaps. There was going to be a marriage, or some kind of paramount deal, to heal old wounds. The heads of our houses wanted to put grievances in the past, for the good of the country.

            For the festive occasion, our estate was made immaculate. A feast of great proportions and opulence would be prepared; everyone arrayed their best, with servants in attendance. It was the day. The other family arrived with much gallantry and pomp. Honors and pleasantries were exchanged, bows, kisses, gifts.

            I however, was not in agreement with any of this. But since I was not a leader of the family, I endured it and went along with the formalities. I hated this other family though. Only some years ago, during conflict, they had committed acts of terrible violence against my family. The worse of these was a treachery in which my brother, cousins, and others dear to me were murdered. Now, this humiliating spectacle at our estate was more than I could bear. Secretly, behind the backs of my family's leaders, I put my plan in motion.

            Many members of the other family had taken up lodgings in various chambers of our great house. The dinner was going to be the next evening. Secretly, I went to speak with my uncle. It was his son they had killed. Together, in a room with no one else, I whispered the plan to my uncle. I had already convinced others among us, but I needed his help.

            I told him that when everyone was in attendance at the long tables, feasting and toasting with wine, we would strike the other family down with swords and axes. This was our best opportunity. Many powerful members of their family were present. I had already made sure no one would escape.

            My uncle was quiet and glum, even sorrowful as he thought it over for a long while.

            At last he agreed that it must be done





© 2016 Kuandio

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Added on May 25, 2016
Last Updated on May 25, 2016
Tags: subconscious, dreams, ancient, game of thrones, violence




I started drawing comics when I was about four or five (not much better than dinosaur stick figures). Over time I found I couldn’t express enough through just drawing and was always adding more.. more..

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