Young Couple with Child in Zombie Apocalypse

Young Couple with Child in Zombie Apocalypse

A Chapter by Kuandio

                It started somewhere similar to where I live in California. The main characters were a young man and a younger woman (19, 20 years old tops). She was a Latin girl, and I think he was me, though seen from third person point of view. They already had a baby, and she was carrying it much of the time. They lived with their parents, or maybe it was several of their extended family? I'm not sure. Anyways, they had to get out of that town-city they'd been living in, because there was no hope there. So they finally made the decision and one day started preparing, filling up an SUV with supplies. They intended to drive out of California, up north, to where for some reason - which I could no longer recall after waking up - they believed they had a better chance. I think it might've been something about a huge community of civilization that come together up there. I, as an omniscient viewer, was very worried for them. The roads would be dangerous, and they were alone. What if they got stranded? There'd be no help.

                It was a nice, sunny afternoon, I remember, as they finished loading the car. It felt like spring, because it was cool and she was wearing jeans and a jacket that was gray with some pink; and the breeze was rustling through green leaves in some trees near where the car was parked. It was a soothing, whispering sound to listen to, looking so peaceful with a vast blue sky over the rooftops and other trees. It was time to say goodbye to the others they'd been living with. This was sad, because, although they were all planning to see each other again, the truth was that deep down they all knew this was probably the last time they were going to be seeing each other. Nevertheless, the young couple drove out, full of purpose and hope.

                Jumping days, or weeks ahead, the young couple had reached another city, or town. It was nighttime, and there was no one else alive thereabouts. It is even colder now than when they set out from home. Since they were running low on supplies, they parked the car in one of the main streets. Necessity forced the young man to temporarily leave the young woman and their baby behind, so that he could enter a supermarket type place. He didn't want to risk them coming along, thinking it'd be safer for them to wait in the car. He took his machete with him.

                I don't know how it all unfolded, but near the end of the dream, it was still nighttime, but now there are many zombies everywhere in this place where the young couple are. The guy has had a confrontation with them, and the young woman is still in the car, extremely afraid, holding the baby close. I'm not sure if he is with her, or if he is going to be able to make it back to them and start the car before this desolate town with its awakening undead swallows them up.

© 2017 Kuandio

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Added on January 27, 2017
Last Updated on January 27, 2017
Tags: zombies, apocalypse, end of world, fear, love, death




I started drawing comics when I was about four or five (not much better than dinosaur stick figures). Over time I found I couldn’t express enough through just drawing and was always adding more.. more..

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