Dark sky

Dark sky

A Story by The fallen of innocence

This was a project from school that I liked: I had to make my own myth



Long ago, there was no darkness in the world, there would only be the sun shining every day. There were no shadows in the world, just a bright world; the only darkness was in a small room owned by an ancient goddess called Nyx. Near where the world ends, there was a vast field and forest where nymphs and other spirits played. One of the nymphs was called Celesta, who loved to enjoy the bright light, and had a talent in drawing beautiful pictures. The pictures made mortals and the gods believe they were really inside the drawings. Many mortals and gods offered their love to her but she refused, she preferred to spend her time drawing all day.


One day, while wandering around the fields, heard a lovely story that was told by a gentle and soft voice. The voice belonged to Hirois, a youth who was raised by the Muses. He also had a talent in telling wonderful tales that would make the angriest and violent of the gods calm down and listen to the stories quietly. After hearing a few tales, Celesta became inspired to draw paintings based off the stories, each more beautiful than the last. Hirois watched the lovely Celesta draw the alluring images and fell in love with her. He confessed his love to her through a story, and as she drew the image, she realized that she loved him as well. The couple married and lived a happy life, but their joy did not last long.


Like Celesta, Hirois refused many other nymphs and goddesses, one of them was Aphrodite. Enraged that Hirois refused her and married Celesta, she cursed Celesta to become ill and unable to stand the light. The poor nymph, whom was with child; then, left her husband to find the goddess Nyx to beg her to stay in the room filled in darkness. The goddess pitied the creature and allowed her stay in the room where she gave birth to two sons. When Nyx’s daughter Hemera, goddess of the light returned, Nyx warned her and forbidden her to enter the dark room.


Hemera listened to her mother, but Aphrodite, still envious of Celesta, asked Hemera if she was really ill and why was she being pitied so much by Nyx. Hemera wondered endlessly, and one day while her mother was away she peaked into the room. Shadows shot out from the room, hiding behind objects that were shined by the sun, leaving the room to be filled with light. Celesta cried in agony of the pain of the light, the teardrops she cried fell into her raven hair, glistening like diamonds. Hemera ran to her mother, telling her what happened, they rushed to help her but it was too late, Celesta died.


When Hirois heard of the death of his wife, and in grief he flung himself into the sea. The god Zeus pitied the family and gave the couple immortality along with their sons. As a token of gratitude, she cut her flowing raven hair and handed it to Nyx, who weaved it to a magnificent cloak. When she would ride, the clock would cover the world with darkness, the only light would be the glistening teardrops.


Celesta’s youngest son, Noctem, became the driver for Nyx’s chariot. Somina, the eldest, lived in Hades and later became the mentor of Morpheus, god of the dreams. As for Hirois and Celesta, they live happily in a garden the gods created for them. Both living in the dream they wished for so long: a dream of spending eternity together.

© 2012 The fallen of innocence

Author's Note

The fallen of innocence
to those who read mythology, please do not attepmt to corrected me. I know some of this is inaccurate and some names are in latin, but remember: it was for school and i could make it up. also mythology is mostly oral and there are several versions of myths. that is all and please review

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Added on October 18, 2012
Last Updated on October 18, 2012


The fallen of innocence
The fallen of innocence


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