Thank You

Thank You

A Poem by The fallen of innocence

A thank you for my teacher

I walk to school, they ignore me
They don't care about me
None of them care

Why do I bother faking my smile

They will never notice,
They never had, so what's the point

All they say to me are lies
Lies that only exist in this world
Let me just end it all soon

Just then my name was called down
Why do they want to call me now?
They don't usually bother to say anything to me
But I'll so just to get it over with

I walked down to that room
Where people talk about their troubles
But I've only been there once
And that time didn't hurt as much as now

She asks me to sit down
Saying she just wants to talk
The same thing I hear others say
I don't care now
She's one of them

"I know you are hurting, tell me what's wrong"
What, no, how did she know
"One of your teachers asked me to talk to you, she was worried about you"
Wait, someone is worried about me.
"Please tell me what's wrong now, don't be afraid.

That moment I cried.
And I told her everything
My Father's lies
My Brother's cold words
And seeing my Mother crying
The pain that was inside me that I just wanted gone
That I wanted to get rid of myself

Just then, I felt free
Relief hit me
I asked who asked about me
"Your English Teacher asked."

Later, I walked up to her
"Why did you ask about me?"
She just smiled and whispered to me
"I could tell that you were sad and I just wanted you to smile like before"
I didn't reply, but inside I was happy
Someone actually cared for me

I'm still suffering the pain I'm in
But it doesn't hurt as much as it did before
Because I now know a few care for me

My English Teacher opened up my world
To see that I was not alone
I'm eternally grateful for her actions
Thank you

© 2012 The fallen of innocence

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This strikes a cord with me. I really like it and can relate to it. Thank you for writing and posting. :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on May 19, 2012
Last Updated on May 19, 2012


The fallen of innocence
The fallen of innocence


I'm a girl that likes to write, read, and listen to music. Poetry is my most favorite type of writing. I also love anime, my poetry is also on deviant art. I don't care if im different, I'm myself. I .. more..