Yet I love You More

Yet I love You More

A Poem by Kwiksie Ifediora


There’s no heading to put to this,

No nifty phrase to catch the eye.

I’m not trying to be eloquent or intellectual,

Mixing up metaphors and figures of speech

Like ingredients blended to bake a pie.


No. That’s not why I’m here nor is it what I plan to do.

What I’m here to say is real simple; I’m in love with you.

You needn’t ask me why but even if you do, my answer will be basic:

I’m in love with you because you taught me to.


Yet flaw filled, you only saw my beauty.

You saw things no looking glass has ever shown me.

I was callous and raw yet you ignored it all,

Seeing value in a product too damaged to recycle…

Or so I thought; and kept thinking at my destiny’s cost

Simply because in all those lies I chose to get lost.


I’m just trying to be honest, nothing more;

Translating my heartbeat into a genre of literature.

My blood counts for nothing, you’re the life running through my veins.

The tissues in my head where my thoughts are contained.

Things on which I bequeathed value don’t matter anymore,

Now, because I love you, I’ve renounced my nature.


My transformation astonishes many, but you leave me in awe.

I’m so eager to do your bidding, I lack reasons to stall!

You’ve quickened in me a passion I never want to see reduce,

With you the person I am never existed, I’m no longer ‘fairly used’.


I love being with you so I’m never leaving.

I love hearing your voice so please help me listen.

I love seeing you at work because that’s the best picture there is,

And I fight getting distracted so there’s nothing I miss.


My devotion can’t be in parts because you haven’t given me some;

You’ve given me the sum of all you are and likewise have I done.


I’m sorry that between us I let a gap form and widen,

I’m sorry that instead of running to you I was constantly hiding.

I let myself get frozen when your arms are ever warm,

You put me back together but I still got myself torn.

I’ve disappointed a lot but all that’s about to change,

My error connected self is now permanently disengaged.


I get to cuddle in your forgiveness when all I deserve is rage.

If I had to write my slips down there’d never be a last page.

The weight of my injustice to you would crash the typical gauge,

But still you don’t quit me because you’re beyond average.


So I’ve penned a little down and now attempt to find a full stop…

But I honestly love you more than is depicted by these words I have put up.


© 2013 Kwiksie Ifediora

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Added on May 28, 2013
Last Updated on June 10, 2013
Tags: Love, patience, enduring, transformation, life, change.


Kwiksie Ifediora
Kwiksie Ifediora

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Carrying His yoke because it's lighter than my sin, shining His light because minus it, i'm all dim. So now, thanks to my rebirth, my race for heaven defines my walk on earth. :) LoveMyProfile... more..