A Chapter by Ky

Proface; A little background info.


At 9 years old my parents started to notice that I wasn’t normal. No, I wasn’t the big head, green skin and three fingers kind of not normal. I had better senses then any “normal” person. My hearing, eyes sight, smell, and taste, were above normal. I still looked and acted the same, until I hit puberty. (This was about 5th grade) I looked like a normal person, but inside of me, where no one could see, was going crazy. My senses were extremely above normal. My parents had to take me out of school to be home schooled because I couldn’t handle being in a classroom full of students. I couldn’t go outside while being homeschool; so, I became… ah, you could say “Socially Awkward.” The only other person, besides my parents and brother, I could be around, was my best friend, Jacob. He’s a really close friend. I've known him, for what seems like forever. 

 By the time I got into 8th grade I could handle my senses. My parents enrolled me back into school. And even though I lived in a small town in Virginia my whole entire life, no one knew me or at least could remember who I was. I became the loner, loser and weirdo. SO, besides having this crazy thing going on with my senses and having to control them 24/7, I also have to deal with crazy, popular girls and guys calling me rude things.

I am now in 11th grade and have been able to control my senses very well. I can go anywhere and do anything, with my parents’ permission unfortunately.

© 2012 Ky

Author's Note

Ignore grammar problems, and I'm writing the first chapter now.
Reviews help a lot, so tell me what you think, please!
Thanks plenty~ Ky. xx

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Added on December 2, 2012
Last Updated on December 16, 2012
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