The Everatumn: Part I

The Everatumn: Part I

A Story by Kyle J. Lawson

This is an experimentation with two characters I created.


   Daylight quickly faded into its cruel sibling, dusk had fallen sooner than expected. Seoren trailed in the wake of an older man, who was more than half his age. It was the first time he had set foot in the Everautumn. A place forgotten by time, where heathen gods ruled and corrupted magic lingered.

   It was not long before the forest transcended into darkness. A deathly silence encompassed them as they weaved through trees disfigured by rot and time. A strange fungus littered the loose earth beneath their boots. It washed the void with a blue-green glow, splashing onto the surrounding vegetation.

   Seoren knelt and plucked black-stained, pale cap from the earth. It was was warm on his fingers, and did not lose brilliance though it had been severed from the root. Full of curiosity, he dashed to meet the older man.”Lord Lagora, these are mushrooms, are they not?”

    Lagora took the fungus from Seoren and rolled it around in his palm. His cheek lifted, forming a tight smirk. “That they are. Moonfire is the name they are known by.” said Lagora.

    It was obvious to Seoren how the fungus retained its name. But something else caught in his mind.“They're interesting enough. But things this peculiar often tend to be...unnatural.” he inquired.

    Lagora raised a dark eyebrow.”You have a sharp mind. These mushrooms are part of the countless enchantments that loom in this forest. Some less harmful than others. Legend says, they guide the path for lost souls.”

    An icy chill clawed its way up Seoren's spine.”You mean spirits?” he muttered.

    “It would make sense to say so. After all, this land is rich in residual magic energy. All types of spirits are attracted to it. We are bound to encounter one...or two.”

     Seoren had never seen one, nor was he sure he wanted to. His face went stiff with tension, and a second chill worked up his back. This entire forest could be inhabited by ghosts. He thought.

     Lagora chuckled lightly in his throat. “Do not let it get to you. Most spirits will not bother you as long as you do not upset them.”

     “And how exactly does one go about upsetting a spirit?”

     “By removing their guides...” said Lagora. He let out a short burst of laughter, giving Seoren a light clap on the shoulder.

      Seoren's face slumped, blank and emotionless. He stared at Lagora for a moment. Even thought it was not funny, he could feel it building up in his chest. His lips pursed  and a burst of laughter escaped his mouth. Lagora's intoxicating bellow joined in. It was never ending, forcing them to stop and catch their breath on a rotting log.

      Given their unsettling location, either of them had ever felt more lively than now. When the clamor died down, they rose and disappeared through the trees. Silence once again reclaimed the air, and the forest was bathed in the eerie glow of moonfire. Calm as it was, something unseen had crept its way in. A sour darkness more frightening than the Everautumn its self. 

© 2013 Kyle J. Lawson

Author's Note

Kyle J. Lawson
Tell me what you think, and where I can improve. Make sure to rate it fore me.

Thanks, Kyle. :)

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Added on September 5, 2013
Last Updated on December 23, 2013
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Kyle J. Lawson
Kyle J. Lawson

Greenwood, IN

Greetings everyone, I'm Kyle. I've recently gotten into writing within the past three years and love doing it. I'm always looking for ways to improve, since I'm nowhere near good or great in any shape.. more..