Racism is alive and well.

Racism is alive and well.

A Story by SouthernBelle

This is a personal story. This story is true, it happened to me today. I cannot get it off my mind.

I am Kymberley Dawn. I am almost 20 years old. I am a nursing student. I am white. Today will making rounds with a LPN at a local hospital, this lady came in, she had been in an accident. She was a black female around 30 years in age and she completely changed my view on the world. Nursing is one of the most under appreciated jobs in America. We are screamed at for taking to long to bring someone their pain meds, or we are screamed at when a family member dies, when we ourselves are crying because we lost a patient. We work 12 hours shifts, sometimes not even getting to eat, not having time to use the bathroom. We watch people die and that stays with us forever. But today, I felt the most unappreciated I have ever felt. This black lady requested a new nurse simply because we were white. She refused to be treated by "racist white privileged scum." This woman said "she refused to be treated but a young white girl (myself) that didn't have to worry about the things she has to like, money troubles, relationship troubles, children troubles," she continued to spew out hate even after we had left the room. Before she left she requested to speak with me, I was apprehensive at first but I went in to speak with her. She told me that she would not be paying her hospital bill, that I as a white female could pay it for her. At this point I was furious, I replied " Ma'am I don't know you but your horse is sitting pretty high for someone that doesn't know me." She looked at me confused, I continued on to say "Ma'am my mother is working day and night to put me through college even a federal student loan isn't enough to help, my family can barely afford to pay bills and keep food on our table." At this point she seemed angry and told me "well aren't you the poor pitiful one, looking for a handout, someone to feel sorry for, well guess what it ain't going to be me, your ancestors hurt my people hundreds of years ago and you deserve to suffer for it." I looked at her and told her "Ma'am I was raised to never see color, I am training to do a job where i do not see color, what my ancestors did hundreds of years ago is not my fault (my family never owned slaves that I know of). I continued to say yes I am white and you are black but that's where our differences end. I do not hate her for being racist, she opened my eyes to see that no matter what race, gender, or nationality you are, there is always going to be racist people. I will not stop my training to be a nurse, because I love helping people that feel like they are helpless. I will be the good that shines through the bad in this world.

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Having worked with a Pakistani author and a African American author, this is what one calls Anglo Priv. Don't let H. Millard see this because you will be sought after for National Vanguard. I rate this 60 out of 100 because this is coming against the wrong perspective.

Posted 2 Years Ago

This doesn't sound like "racism" against white people, it sounds more like built up rage that this woman had for being systematically oppressed on the basis of race her entire life. You may not want to believe this but white privilege actually does exist and remaining blind to it does nothing, pretending to "not see color" does nothing. Al though I do not agree with how disrespectfully this woman came at you I understand her anger

Posted 3 Years Ago

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im southern belle from a one horse town alabama, i love to sing, dance and write of course.If you want to know more about me then become one of my friends. I don't like being called kym... You can cal.. more..