Me Heart is Me Own

Me Heart is Me Own

A Story by KyraGlowWater

Jack Sparrow meets a girl in port royal when he arrives there, but she soon turns out to be the wildest cat on the seven seas!


Me Heart Is Me Own

I do not own Pirates of the Caribbean I only own Marni

“Me heart is me own and it will be for the rest of time.”

Marni Stokes, August 1, 1811


I remembered my birthday last year as the worst ever. I hope that I can have a better one this year. I arrived in Port Royal yesterday by way of stowing away.

“Hey you! It is a shilling to tie up your boat at the dock!” I heard the dock master say to the hottest man I had ever seen. “And I shall need to know your name.”

“Why bother it is at the bottom already it is not like he can use it again!” I muttered under my breath at the pathetic excuse for a boat.

“Why don’t we call it three shillings and forget the name!” his voice was like silk. It sent shivers down my back.

“Welcome to Port Royal Mr. Smith”. The dock master said brightly. The man then held his hands as if in prayer, took the bag of money off the podium when the dock master was not looking, and walked of the dock as if nothing happened. I nearly doubled over laughing, but I followed the man.

He paused in his walk; I who was not paying attention ran right into him and promptly fell over.

“Oy, watch where you going you scallywag!” he said whirling around. His sleeve was rolled up a little showing a pirate brand and a sparrow flying over the sea at sunrise. I gasped.

“I am sorry miss I thought you were a seadog trying to cause me some trouble.” He said apologetically.

“You’re Captain Jack Sparrow!” I hissed excitedly, “You need to roll down your sleeve because your pirate brand and tattoo are showing.” I added quickly dusting myself off.

“Who are you?” he asked smoothly.

“Marley Jane Stokes but you can call me Marni!” I exclaimed, “And today is my birthday!”

“Well today you are my partner in crime Marni, what say you.” He said grinning.

“Aye!” I said grinning.

We arrived at the dock where the HMS Interceptor was held. He grabbed my shoulders.

“I need you to distract those two while I get on the ship to test it out, Savvy!” he said grinning.

“Ok how do I do that?” I asked.

“Be creative!” Jack said.

In a matter of minutes, I screwed up the whole thing, but luckily was saved by Jack when he started telling a story about a bunch a cannibals.

“And the they made me their chief!” he waved his arms about causing me to fall off the side.

I hit my head on something then it all went black.

I woke up to someone compressing my chest and then breathing into my mouth; I opened my eyes, and started to cough up water.

“On your feat!” a sword was suddenly in Jack’s face.

I looked up and saw Norrington having guns pointed at him. I did not have time to register because I started to cough up something red and metallic tasting.

“Marni!” and back down Jack went rubbing my back as I coughed up more blood.

“We need a doctor here now!” I heard Jack yell.

(Jack’s Point of View)

Marni passed out quickly but she stopped coughing’ up blood, soldier picked her up and put her in irons.

“What you putting’ her in irons for she hasn’t done anything wrong, mate.” I yelled.

The other lass I saved started talking.

“Father! Do you really intend to kill my rescuer?”

“I guess a thanks are in order, pirate! Had brush with the East India Trading Company. Keep your guns on him men! Gillete fetch me some irons! Jack Sparrow is it. You have to be the worst pirate I have heard of.” He said ignoring my protests of Captain Jack Sparrow.

“But you have heard of me.” I responded.

After some more amusing banter I effectively escaped, I grabbed Marni and carried her bridal style up the road avoiding gunshots left and right. I hope I did not look too drunk.

“Finally!” I muttered after finding a blacksmith shop. I carried Marni into the shop and tried to get hers undone first. I noticed the donkey attached to a big wood contraption. It could get us out of these irons.

In no time, we were out of the irons when I heard the door open and in came a young man who looked strangely like one of my old crew.

He looked at the old man in the corner passed out from glorious rum.

“Right where I left you.” Talking to an unconscious man very smart.

He looked at the hammer I had been using earlier, “Not where I left you” now I know he is crazy.

Then he tried to touch my hat, nobody I repeat nobody touches the hat. I drew my sword and slapped his hand away. In addition, put the sword near his neck. I started to walk toward him he then walked backwards to keep the sword from beheading him.

“You’re the one they are looking for, the pirate.” He said

“You look familiar have I threatened you before.” I remarked.

“I tend to avoid having any familiarity with pirates.” The boy pretty much spat.

“Then it would be a shame to put a black mark on your horizons, good day.” I said putting my sword away and picking up Marni headed toward the door.

The whelp picked up a sword out of nowhere, where did he get that.

“You think this wise boy crossing blades with a pirate?” I cautioned the boy.

“You threatened Miss Swann.” He growled at me.

“Only a little!” I said mischievously that maybe this would be a good practice.

He swung his sword expertly at me.

“You know what you’re doing I’ll give you that. But how’s your footwork?” we danced around the shop a bit.

“Ta!” I said waving picking up Marni again, I headed toward the door. Suddenly his sword came flying at the door; I barely had time to duck.

“That is a wonderful trick but once again you are without a weapon.” I said in a singsong voice.

The whelp picked a sword in progress out of the bloody fire! In addition to that accidental fire just waiting to happen, he swung at Marni.

“Hey watch the sword! She is unconscious for crying out loud.” I yelled. Quickly putting her on a pile of hay.

Next thing I know I call him a eunuch, and he is covered in sand.

“Move!” I yelled.

“No!” the eunuch said.

“Please move!” I shouted.

“No! I cannot just stand by and let you escape.” He responded quickly.

“This shot is not meant for you!” I yelled 'it is meant for Barbossa' I thought.

Then someone wasted some perfectly good rum, by smashing it on my head.

(Marni’s Point of View)

I woke up in a jail cell with Jack.

“You keep doing that forever and that dog is never going to move!” Jack said from under his hat.

I laughed at this so true the only thing that dog liked was belly rubs and me.

“Sorry! I haven’t resigned myself to the gallows just yet!” an old prisoner replied.

A distant boom went off outside and Jack jumped up quickly.

“I know those cannons.” He spoke almost like remembering a loved one who has left this world, “it’s the Pearl.” He said like talking to a lover.

“The Black Pearl, I heard stories, she bean praying on ships and settlements for near ten years, and she never leaves any survivors.” The old prisoner said.

“No survivors then where do the stories come from I wonder?” Jack said smartly. I chuckled a little.

Then suddenly a cannon ball went through the jail, leaving a huge hole in the wall in their cell, but none in ours.

The old prisoner commented before leaving, “My sympathies for you friends you have no manner of luck at all”. Then he promptly jumped out the hole.

Jack then grabbed the bone and started to try to get the dog over to us. I shoved him away and took the bone.

“Who’s a pretty Benny boy, you are yes you are do you want a belly rub from your favorite human Marni I know you do. Come here Benny Liquor Everett Goodman.” I cooed to my dog. It was working well.

Until Jack said, “Come here you mangy mutt!”

“Jack! Don’t talk to my dog like that!” I yelled hitting him on the shoulder to late Benny had run off. A loud crash came from the top of the stairs, as a navy soldier tumbled down the stairs dead.

“This ain’t the armory!” a pirate said. They noticed us in our cell.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t Captain Jack Sparrow. Last time I saw you were fading into the distance on a god forsaken island.” The dreadlocks pirate said.

“His fortunes haven’t changed much only this time he got some pretty thing to keep him company!” the pirate with the beard said. Jack moved me behind him.

“The deepest darkest pit of hell is what waits for mutineers and betrayers. And leave the girl out of this!” Jack spat at him.

Dreadlocks pirate shoved his arm through the bars and grabbed Jack’s neck. His arm had become a skeleton. I screamed bloody murder; dreads growled threateningly, “You know nothing of hell!”

They stormed out of the cell.

“That’s interesting, very interesting.” Jack said.

“No that is creepy.” I gasped.

Next Morning

I awoke to someone throwing some bread in to our cell. I smelled it, oh my god it is Sourdough Bread.

“Jack they gave us Sourdough Bread!” I squealed excitedly.

“Well love it is a little late for your birthday dinner, but better late than never.” Jack smiled.

I broke the bread in half and gave half to Jack. I pretended there was 15 candles in the bread and blew on them making a wish.

I was just about to take a bite when Will Turner came in.

“What do you want you’re interrupting breakfast?” I said annoyed that I could not eat yet.

“You Sparrow what do you know of the Black Pearl?” Will said.

“Only thing I know is that one of them had an arm with no flesh or nerves on it and it was still able to move. It was freakatated!” I yelled.

“Why you wish to become a pirate yourself!” Jack asked curiously.

“Never!” Will cried with a crazed look in his eyes, “They took Miss Swann.”

“Oh so you have found a girl who you willing to brave all situations and go with all haste to save. Sorry you got to do that on your own!” Jack said then gently patting my shoulder added, “I got to take care of one girl already, and you know women they are quite possessive and territorial! Not helping you got to save this one from the gallows, because I made her have a rotten birthday yesterday with all that trying to escape the Navy and accidentally knocking off the interceptor to nearly be drowned to death, then when I got the water out of her lungs she starts to cough up blood, then passes out and you know the Navy did they put unconscious person in bloody irons! She out cold she does not need the irons! No I am quite content being in this cell.”

(Sorry I know that is not in the movie but I have to have Jack showing that he is starting to realize that he needs Marni)

“Oh! Jack that is so sweat of you to care about me, but I have had worse birthdays last year’s was horrible I nearly got raped because I said no when this navy officer proposed to me.” I said to Jack quietly.

Jack’s head swerved around to look at me, “Who is the bloody b*****d? I will kill for trying to hurt you!” he growled.

“He was groping my breasts and trying to rip my dress open when I reached my arm behind me and felt something sharp, I grabbed it and stabbed him in the neck.” I whispered.

“No man should do that to any woman!” Jack said hugging me.

Will cleared his throat and we realized that we had entirely forgotten that he was there. I blushed deeply.

“Where does the Black Pearl make berth?” Will said.

“Where does it make berth Captain Barbossa and his crew of miscreants sail for the dreaded isle DeMuerta, a place that cannot be found except for those who know where it is?” Jack replied as if it was common knowledge.

“The ship is real enough so the place must be real. Can you show me where it is?” Will said annoyingly.

“No duh I did not know that the Black Pearl existed!” I spat sarcastically, “and it is not like we can exactly get out of here!”

“I can get you out of here.” Will said quickly.

“How the keys ran off?” “How my dog’s run off with the keys?” Jack and I said at the same time.

“I helped build these cells these are half-barrel hinges, with leverage and the proper application of strength the doors will lift free!” he said.

“What’s your name?” Jack said looking at him quizzically.

“Will Turner?” he said.

“Probably short for William and named for your father I presume?” Jack said, I could practically hear the wheels turning in his head.

“Alright I help you save your damsel in distress, but you will have to do exactly as I say!” Jack said putting his hand through to shake on the deal.

Jack and Will shook hands.

“Now get us outa here!” I cried.

Will grabbed a bench that was next to the wall and lifted the door right off of its hinges.

“Quick somebody might have heard that.” William said.

“Not without my affects!” Jack muttered.

“Can I have a pair of breeches I don’t want trip on this stupid thing.” I cried after them.

Half an Hour Later

After successfully obtaining an under shirt, a tunic and a pair of breeches for me to wear, we continued on our way to save that other girl who Jack said fell in the water right after me.

“We are going to steal that ship?” William asked stupidly looking at the Dauntless. I rolled my eyes how people can be this stupid.

“Commandeer! We are going to commandeer that ship.” Jack said quickly.

“Nautical term.” I said to poor William.

Jack noticed a rowboat that had been left unattended he smirked. We then dragged it to the water, turned it upside down, and got under it.

“This is either madness or brilliance!” William said.

“It is amazing how often those two traits coincide.” Jack stated as if it was common knowledge. I just started to laugh my guts out; I started to laugh even harder when Will’s foot was stuck in a crab trap. I suddenly felt someone’s eyes burning holes into the back of my head.

“William, quit trying to make a new pair of eye sockets for me, I will prefer to grow them when I become a mother!” I said jokingly, at this, Jack started laughing.

We finally reached the Dauntless when Jack had pulled me up.

“Nobody panic we are taking over the ship!” Jack said.

“Aye Avast!” Will said.

“Will shut up!” I said.

While everyone else laughed.

“This ship cannot be crewed by two men!” Gillete said.

“What am I invisible?” I screamed annoyed that I had been completely ignored.

“You don’t count your just an innocent women who has been kidnapped, don’t worry I will save Miss Stokes!” Gillete said he had been trying to get into my skirt for forever.

“You navy officers are all the same all you can think about is getting laid!” I yelled, “It is bad enough when they propose, but when they try to rape you, you are forced to protect yourself!” I burst out in tears.

“Well of course we want to be with a beautiful woman such as you!” Gillete said smirking.

“I am treated better by a pirate than I am by law abiding citizens!” I sobbed. Then I stiffened and raised my head up and growled at them.

“Do you know what I did to the officer who tried to rape me? This officer was your former commodore; I killed him with a shard of glass while he was trying to rip off my dress!” I roared like a lioness.

“Now get off this ship before I kill you too!” I yelled.

They were all cowards every last one of them. They ran like chickens with their heads cut off.

“Here they come Jack!” I yelled when I spotted Commodore Norrington bring the Interceptor to us.

Jack grinned, like a fool.

“Hide!” he told us.

We then swung over to the Interceptor and hacked of the ropes that they had used to swing over.

“Thank you commodore for making ready the ship!” Jack yelled at them holding me closely by the waist. He then twirled me around and did a back dip because they started to fire at us. Making us duck gracefully to prove that we are not a total failure at life.

“When I was a lad growing up in England after my mother died I went on the seas looking for my father.” Will said while sharpening his sword.

“Like I care, I grew up in Kentucky!” I muttered.

“What is that darling?” Jack said to me.

“Nothing, listen to the eunuch’s story!” I said.

“It was only after you learned my name that you agreed to help me, since that was what I wanted I kept quite….” “Then why are you now?” I asked, “I am not a simpleton Jack you knew my father!” William said.

“I knew him I was probably only one of the few who knew him as William Turner, everybody else called him Bootstrap or Bootstrap Bill Turner.” Jack said.

“Bootstrap?” William said confused.

“Good Man good pirate! I swear you look just like him!” Jack said.

“Exney on the pirateay! Said putting a hand up and doing a slit throat motion.

“That’s a lie my father was not a pirate!” William said in denial.

“He was a bloody pirate and a scallywag!” Jack said as if he was bored.

“He was a merchant sailor who obeyed the law, my father wasn’t a pirate!” Will said.

By then I had to go to the bathroom. So I went below deck, when I came back up Will was hanging off the side by the low mast.

“Uh Jack why is Will hanging of the mast?” I asked.

He gave me a look that just said Just watch.

“Now you can accept that your father was a pirate and a good man or you cannot, but pirate is in your blood and you are going to have to square with it someday!” he swung the mast back over the ship and Will dropped back down, “but I cannot bring this ship into Tortuga all on my own…”

“Hey am I invisible!” I screamed.

“No love you are definitely there.” Jack said.

“Now can you sail under the command of a pirate or can you not?” Jack said giving Will his sword back.

“Tortuga?” Will questioned.

“Tortuga!” Jack and I said excitedly.

“If every town was like this one no man would ever feel unwanted. What do you think?” I smacked Jack in the back of his head and Will said something stupid.

“It is the rum that makes it good!” I yelled at Jack, “not the stupid w****s!”

Jack was not paying attention.

“Gisele!” Jack said she walked up to him with a smile on her face. I stood in front of Jack.

“Back off sister!” I spat she walked around me smile still plastered on her face. And she smacked Jack as hard as she could.

“I didn’t deserve that.” Jack muttered.

Then he looked up and said, “Scarlet!”

She came up with a smile plastered on her face too.

Who was she and who is she?” Scarlett said.

“Wha” Jack started to say cut off by her forceful slap.

“I might have deserved that!” he said.

We then went to a pigsty and saw an old drunk asleep in the muck. Jack had grabbed a bucket of water so had Will and me. Jack then threw the water at the man waking him up.

“Curse you for breathing you sly dog scum, Jack you know it is bad luck to wake a man who be sleeping.” The man said showing he was more sober than he looked.

“But fortunately I know how to counter that…” about that time, I stopped paying attention.

“That will about do it!” the man said.

Bout that time Will through his water at the man.

“Blast it I am already awake!”

I through mine at him too then.

“That was for the smell!” I said covering for Will.

He might be a little dumb sometimes but he is well intentioned. I mean he is trying to save his true love from a bunch of cursed pirates.

We headed toward the faithful bride with Jack’s arm holding on to my waist tightly.

“Jack I am perfectly capable of walking you know!’ I hissed at Jack. I blinked I do not hiss, I gently bit my lip when I felt my canine teeth wear sharper and longer than the others did. Suddenly a pain shot through my body I gasped as I fell toward the ground my head felt like it was being split in two, my back as if my spine was being ripped out of my body and I fingers felt like they were being cut off.

“Luv, I think you might need help walking.” Jack said catching me before I fell.

“Thank you.” I mewed weakly.

“Why are you purring Marni?” Jack said.

Then I final wave of pain shot through me and I howled loudly as I gripped onto Jack tightly. Everything around me sounded louder. I could smell Jack’s blood running down my hands, and Will’s fear skyrocketing.

“Wildcat! Are you all right?” Jack said quickly. As I opened my eyes, they gasped.

“Marni you have cat eyes, ears, claws and a tail.” Will said.

“Will you do have a sense of humor; I thought you were a boring old eunuch!” I purred laughing.

“Miss he be telling the truth!” the old man said.

“Fine give me a mirror!” I hissed dangerously.

Man I knew I looked without this stuff but now I was one hot girl, or was it cat! Well whatever I am, I look good.

“Okay this is a huge improvement; I can claw eyes out now. Jack why are you bleeding?” I asked after smelling his blood coming off his shirt.

“Come here Jack!” I said.

I pulled down his shirt and saw that it was from me, I started to lick it clean with my sand paper tongue, as soon as my tongue touched one of his claw marks it healed over without a scar.

“How the bloody hell did you do that?” Jack yelled.

“Not so loudly Jack my ears are really sensitive.” I hissed weakly.

“Sorry.” Jack said quietly now.

“Cat’s saliva contains healing factors in it.” I said.

Next day

“So this is your able bodied crew. They do not look like they would last t a day at sea.” Will said shuddering because I burning holes into his head using my eyes.

“You sailor...”

“Mr. Cotton sir.” Mr. Gibbs said.

“Mr. Cotton…” I got bored after that.

“And what’s the benefit for us?” an obvious female voice yelled.

“Ana Maria!” Jack said, before getting smacked the hardest he had been smacked since I had met him.

“I suppose you didn’t deserve that either.” Will said.

“No that one I deserved.” Jack said.

“You got her pregnant!” I yowled.

“No! I most certainly did not!” Jack whimpered.

“You stole my boat.” She said.

“Oh that’s all you did then I forgive you.” I said.

I got bored and stopped paying attention.

“Captain it is frightful bad luck to have a woman aboard.” Gibbs said to Jack.

I noticed he did not use the plural form; women.

“Then what am I!” I growled at him.

“You don’t count you’re not even human.” Gibbs said.

“I am a human I have feelings too you know! I am human I just have cat-like charceteristics like claws and fangs and the whole nine yards and you think you can get away with that without getting your eyes clawed out.” I yowled.

“Gibbs you better run, for hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!” Jack said.

“Just get on the boat!” I hissed.

By the time we got to Isle DeMuerta, I was soaking wet from the rain. Will, Jack and I where on a rowboat.

“Suffered, I have.” I heard a pirate with a wooden eye say.

“Wait!” I hissed at Will as he got up to save his lady from being killed. (Ooh, I made a rhyme!)

“For when it is the most profit to you?” Will muttered to us only I heard it.

“Have we ever given you a reason not to trust us, do us a favor? Although it is incredibly difficult for you stay put and try not to do anything stupid.” Jack said.

We both got up and walked toward the crowd of chanting pirates, then a blinding pain hit the back of our heads and we fell to the ground unconscious.

When we woke up, we were surrounded by cursed pirates.

“You! You are supposed to be dead!” wood eye person said.

“Am I not?” Jack said while checking to see if he was.

“Jack you’re alive!” I mewed.

Suddenly they noticed me, and I had a sword to my throat.

“Parsley…parsnip…” Jack was trying to figure out something.

“Parley!” I yowled.

“That’s the one, parley!” Jack said happily.

“Damn to the depths whoever thought of parley!” the bald one said

“That would be the French.” I mewed.

“The inventors of mayonnaise.” Jack said.

“I like mayonnaise!” wooden eye one said.

“Sadly eunuchs all of them!” I snarled.

“I used to date a eunuch.” The bald one said.

I looked at them with my look that was reserved for such moments as these 'How dumb can you get?'

"How in the world did ye get off that island?" Barbossa said using his weird old english wording.

"When you sailed off with my ship you forgot one thing, love will you tell them?" Jack said.

"He is Captain Jack Sparrow, never forget the Captain!" I snarled at Barbossa.


© 2012 KyraGlowWater

Author's Note

Please review, i am only fifteen and tend to have runon sentences,
the dog is based on my dog. Marni is going to use some ausome ninja moves in a later update!
love Marni J. Stokes

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You misspelled a couple words and you express that you have tend to do run on i believe there are a couple in there. I like how you were able to add your own twist on the pirates of the Caribbean.

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