Chapter 4 Arliegh

Chapter 4 Arliegh

A Chapter by Kaelyn Shea

Chapter 4 Arliegh

As Arliegh walked into first period he had a wide smile and Oliver knew exactly why. “Dude you finally asked her out? What did she say? Well, I guess obviously she said yes otherwise you wouldn't be quite this happy you would be all sad and mopey. Did you make out?”

“What!? Hell no! We are taking it slow and besides she is in eighth and has only had one boyfriend from what I know and they didn't even kiss so 1. She wouldn't know how or want to make out and 2. We made conditions. I am going to honor those conditions because... I think I love her man.” “Yeah whatever dude. I thought I loved my last four girlfriends and all I really wanted was to make out with them.” said Oliver at lunch trying to eat and talk at the same time.

“Yeah and how many of those girlfriends did you break up with? Oh, that’s right you didn't break up with anyone of them. Hmmm, let’s see one girlfriend that I love compared to no girlfriend and a sucky life. I like mine better.” Arliegh said not even touching his food. How could he think about eating when he was busy thinking about seeing her this afternoon at her volleyball practice.

. . . . . .

When Arliegh walked into the LDS gym he stopped to watch her serve a couple of times and then he walked in a little farther so she would be able to see him. When she did she purposely hit the ball in his direction and then went to go get it and grabbed his phone on the way. “Hey Angel!” said Arliegh hugging her tightly. “Hey Babe! Here's your phone but I won't be able to talk till around six. I'm sorry it's just with volley-ball I won’t be home for a while but call me around 6 and I will totally answer the phone. Hey if you want you can watch for a bit, but when we start to scrimmage coach is going to make you leave. Please stay I would love it if you would!” Kaelyn said pleadingly. “Okay, I'll stay!” he said smiling Then he watched as she grabbed the ball and headed back to her position. He headed toward the bleachers and sat and watched her and he was surprised at how confident, strong, focused, and good she was at volley-ball. It was hot!

Then for some reason Will Ashford walked in with a couple of his friends. They sat two rows up from Arliegh and started talking about Kaelyn. Arliegh pretended he didn't hear them so he could listen in. “Dude I know what you mean about her being hot. Wait, I heard she had a boyfriend.” said Allen Foster, Will's small friend who unlike Will played no sports and was not attractive at all, mainly just annoying. “Really? Who is the mysterious guy she is dating?” asked Will. “I heard it was some high school freshman. That Arliegh guy. You know the weird one. He is so freaky.” said Allen “Yeah I heard they made out and went to Cancoon this summer.” said Richard Daniels, who was pudgy but very good at football, basketball, and soccer. “Man you are an idiot. You actually believed they went to Cancoon this... Hey isn't that Arliegh down there. We can ask him seeing as he is her 'boyfriend'” Will said laughing. This set Arliegh off no one talked about him or Kaelyn like that. He stood and turned to face them and said “Yes, I'm her boyfriend that’s why I’m here to watch my GIRLFRIEND play volleyball. No, we didn't make out. And hell no, we did not go to Cancoon this summer. If you” pointing at Will “ever touch her I will hurt you. Yes, I can hurt you and yes I will know if you touch her cause she will tell me and if you two” pointing at Allen and Richard now “ever touch her, same thing. Got it? Good! Now, Get out! Go!” They ran from the gym. Arliegh sat down and noticed they were about to start scrimmaging so he got up and headed for the door also.

© 2010 Kaelyn Shea

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Nice. This is going well :)

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