Chapter 5 Kaelyn

Chapter 5 Kaelyn

A Chapter by Kaelyn Shea

Chapter 5 Kaelyn

Kaelyn was talking to Skyla and saw him talking to the guys. They started talking to Arliegh then they started heading to the door. Not long after they left he got up and headed to the door. She thought he looked pretty dang hot. He was wearing jeans and an American Eagle t shirt. It was damn hot. She had been telling Skyla that Arliegh had asked her out and that he was here watching. Skyla looked around and said “Where?” Kaelyn sent a ball softly over the net. It hit his shoulder and he turned around. She pointed and waved. He smiled at her, waved and then walked out the door.

Practice had been hard so Kaelyn was a sweaty pig afterward at least that's what she felt like. She couldn't wait to get home. She needed to ask Arliegh what was wrong with Will, Allen, and Richard and why they had run out of the gym so fast. She had seen them talking to him but she couldn't hear what was being said.

As soon as she got home she said hi to her mom and dad and went up to her room with her books and cell phone. She had done three subjects of home work when he called. She knew it was him because she had his ring tone set to “Smother Me” by the Used. When she picked it up she said “Hi Arliegh! Did you like watching practice today?” “Hey my Angel!” He said sounding tired, but excited, “Yes, I did like watching you practice. You looked really hot out there!” “Yeah I guess the gym's air conditioner was broken.” At this Arliegh started cracking up. “What's so funny?” asked Kaelyn clearly confused. “Not the gym was hot. You looked hot. Like sexy. That's funny. I love your sense of humor.” said Arliegh still laughing.

“Hey Arliegh?” “Yeah?” “What was wrong with Will, Allen, and Richard today?” Arliegh told her the whole story then said “You will tell me if he bothers you right? Also am I really that weird looking?” “No Babe, you are not weird looking at all to me and yes I will tell you if they ever bother me. Will you come and see me Monday?” “Yes, of course I'll come and see you.” “Good!” “Why is that good?”  “Oh, you'll see! Night babe!” “Night Angel!” With that she hung up the phone and finished her homework.


The next Monday morning at her locker she waited for him and when he got there...

© 2010 Kaelyn Shea

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Added on February 28, 2010
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Kaelyn Shea

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