Chapter 6 Arliegh

Chapter 6 Arliegh

A Chapter by Kaelyn Shea

Chapter 6 Arliegh

“Hey Honey!” said Arliegh kissing her on the cheek. “I'm here.” “Good. Now I can do this” she said standing on her toes and kissing him softly on the lips. He pulled her away and said “Are you okay?” “ Just fine” and started kissing him again this time he kissed her back but, he knew better than to open his mouth so he didn't.

She finally pulled back and said “You are a good kisser.” “Thank you” he said “You're not so bad yourself.” smiling when he said it. He started to kiss her again trailing the kisses down her neck to the tip of her shoulder and back again.

“I think I love you Arliegh” Kaelyn said. “I thought you said we were going slowly” pulling away again. This time he looked a little worried. “That's not slow. I don't mind but that’s not slow.” “Yes, that's true that’s not slow. Okay no more kissing for a while.” Kaelyn said smiling as she did so. “I didn't say I wanted to stop.” he said also smiling as he pulled her closer and started kissing her again. At first she was kind of stiff and then she loosened up and started kissing back when...

“Hey! I thought you said you hadn't made out yet” said Will. He had been watching them ever since Arliegh walked in. Arliegh let go of Kaelyn and went straight for Will. Will started to back away. “You little spy. How long have you been there? What do you think you’re doing spying on us like that? I think there is something called privacy. Let us have it. If you go and tell any of your little friends about this you might want to be careful with your face. It could become very screwed up very soon. Now, get away from me and stay 10 or more feet away from Kaelyn.” Without much hesitation Will walked the other way looking back only once.

“Aw, babe you didn't have to do that. I could have hit him a couple of times. But since you did... What can I do to thank you?” “How 'bout this” and kissed her lightly on the cheek “You stay mine forever” “I think can do that” Then the bell rang and she ran for her class.

© 2010 Kaelyn Shea

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