Chapter 10 Arliegh

Chapter 10 Arliegh

A Chapter by Kaelyn Shea

Chapter 10 Arliegh

On Monday Arliegh came to Kaelyn's house to pick her up for school. She had been waiting for him and was sitting on her front porch when he pulled up. She stood up and he unlocked the door so she could get in. She was wearing a short jean skirt, leggings, uggs, and a long sleeve t-shirt. When she did get in she put her back-pack in the back seat and leaned over gave him a kiss and then leaned back. He knew something was wrong but, he didn't know what was wrong. He pulled into the parking lot of LDS and asked “What’s the matter Angel?” “I did like Reed at one point in time but then he did something I don't think was meant to hurt me but it did, and now he said he loves me and kept trying to kiss me.” “How did he hurt you?” “Well, I was very depressed at one point and thought about suicide. I told that I was thinking about it and that it was scaring me. He promised he wouldn't tell anyone and then told his dad. His dad told my mom and then I had to go to therapy for two months for it. Now he expects me to just like him again maybe I'm just over reacting or something but I don't want to lose him as a friend and I'm just so confused” she said to him in tears. He pulled her over to him and held her for a minute 'till she stopped crying. Then he said “I know that you won't lose him as a friend he likes you too much to not let you do what you want. I love you okay. I don't care what you were, that is the past. Now you’re my angel and the love of my life. So don't worry” “Okay, I love you babe” “I love you too angel. Now you better go before you are late. I’ll pick you up later bye!” she crawled out of the truck and ran for class.

When he walked into homeroom with Oliver, Shea was waiting for him. “Hey Babe” she said. He kept walking and sat down. Arliegh was talking to 
Oliver when she came over again. “What? You aren't talking to me now? That's great Arliegh just great. Ever since you started going out with that Kaelyn girl you act like you don't like me anymore” “Um... I don't like you anymore. I have asked you nicely to please not talk to me anymore and you still don't get that we are over. Well, guess what we are!” he said before getting up to go to first period.

After school he ran to his truck and got in. He had just pulled up when she came out. She had another black eye. He got out and ran over to her. “What happened? Who did this?” “Will saw me get out of the truck with you today and then when I got inside he came over to me and asked me what you would do if he kissed me. I told him I don't know but I didn't think he wanted to find out. He told me that you would have to get over it and then kissed me. I punched him and he hit me in the face... again” “Where is he?” Arliegh said fuming. “He left already he got suspended for punching me” “ I swear I'm going to hurt that kid one of these days but right now I need to look at your eye. Let me see it” she lifted her chin up so he could see her face better “I'm so sorry angel. I'm so, so, sorry this keeps happening to you over me. Come on let’s get out of here.” He got her into the truck. He drove to his house immediately and got her inside. She said she had to change for volleyball and then they could watch the movie like they had been planning. He showed her where the bathroom was and then went and got changed himself. When he came back he was wearing a pair of sweat pants and a white t-shirt. She came out of the bathroom wearing a pair of black soffe shorts and a LSD t-shirt.

He pulled her on to the couch and started the movie. He laid down and told her to lay on his chest. She said okay and then he covered them with a blanket. They were part way through the movie when she kissed him. He pulled her away and asked “What are you doing?” “I'm trying to kiss you but you pulled me away” “O right sorry” he said as he pulled her closer again. This time both of them opened their mouths. His tongue brushed her cheek and she had to pull away. Arliegh thought he did something wrong and said “I'm sorry that was out of line and moving too fast, sorry” “You didn't do anything wrong I just don't know how to do this. I liked it.” said Kaelyn smiling at him “Hmmm.... we'll have to work on that then wont we” He smiled at her then pulled her face back to his. They kissed for a moment then she pulled away again and pulled his t-shirt off. He was the one who stopped them this time. “Okay we probably ought to stop” She looked down at her feet and told him “Now I'm the one who needs to say sorry. I guess I knew you wouldn't let me do that but it was worth a try any way. Sorry” She started to get up and walk away but he took her wrist in his hand before she could walk away. “I only want to stop because I am trying to protect you. I know you have a purity ring. I also know you wouldn't want to break that vow that’s all. I would go that far with you but I don't want you to break your vow okay?” he said trying to a sure her it wasn't exactly anything she was doing. “Okay” He pulled her back on to his lap and without his shirt on he could tell she was cold. It really worried him that she was as cold as she was. He asked her “Why are you so cold Angel? Did I not give you enough blanket? Are you okay?” “Yeah I'm fine and I'm not that cold am I?” “You're freezing Angel” “Oh I don't feel like it.” Arliegh pulled a blanket around her then pulled her down into his lap. He kissed her forehead and told her “I love you Angel. You are all I ever wanted.” “Really? I am?” she asked. “Really” he said smiling at her and thinking about how he got lucky enough to get her as his one and only.

© 2010 Kaelyn Shea

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