Chapter 14 Arliegh

Chapter 14 Arliegh

A Chapter by Kaelyn Shea


Chapter 14 Arliegh

When Arliegh walked into school he was ambushed by Shea. Again. “Hey Arliegh! So have you thought about dumping that loser of a girlfriend for me at all? I would be able to love you better than she would. I would be able to give you more than she would,” she said winking after the last sentence. “That is the main reason we broke up Shea. We broke up because all you wanted was to get physical. Kaelyn wants different things than you did. She wants to talk, and become a writer. Yeah we do kiss and stuff but that’s as far as we go. She believes in waiting until marriage to do that kind of stuff. She wears her purity ring like it’s an actual purity ring, unlike you who wears yours but will throw it off and break your vow for any guy that comes along. That’s not what I want in a girl. She’s younger but she is defiantly more mature,” He said this to her then he walked away. Shea tried to stop him by saying “I can hurt her. I can and I will. You were mine first and as far as I’m concerned you still are. No one breaks up with me” He didn’t believe she would actually believe Shea would really hurt Kaelyn. Until Kaelyn called him from the emergency room that afternoon. He had to stay late because of detention for being late to second period. When he answered the phone it was Kaelyn. “Babe, I need you to come to the hospital and tell them I’m fine,” He ran to his truck and said “What happened? What hospital are you at? What happened?” “I was walking over to the high school because you weren’t there to pick me up so I thought you got detention or something like that. So anyway I was half way over there when Shea saw me. She came over to try and get me to break up with you. When I told her no I guess it pissed her off. We were right by a ditch; you know the really big one by school? Well, any way she pushed me in there and I landed on my ankle bad. I …” He cut her off there. “What happened to your ankle? Is it broken, or sprained or what?” “My ankle is broken. I also have a stress fracture on my wrist that was not from the fall. I cannot finish the volleyball season and from now on whenever I play volleyball I have to wear a brace on my wrist.” He was pulling into the parking lot of the hospital when he asked “How did you get out of the ditch?” “Um… I walked. It hurt a lot but I had to get out of there. The principal of my school and yours is talking to Shea. Apparently she is getting a pretty long suspension.” “Wait you walked on your broken ankle?” he asked totally amazed at what she could do. “Yeah,” “When she said that this morning I never thought she actually meant she was going to do it. And…” Kaelyn stopped him this time “What do you mean? What did she say this morning?” “She said that if I didn’t break up with you and take her back she would hurt you. I didn’t believe her until now” He walked into her room. “Oh my Angel I’m so sorry.” “Hey it’s not your fault, but can you tell them you’re my brother or something and that I’m fine and to let me go home. I signed all the freaking papers. I have the crutches and now I want to go home.” “Okay hold on,” When he left she leaned back and calmed down a little bit. She watched as he talked to the doctor and then when he finally came back he said “Are you ready to go home?” “Yes thank you for saving me” He drove her home and got her inside and situated. Then she asked him if he could go get her journal for her. He said yeah and went to her room to get it. It was lying open to another song she had written. This one was about him. He couldn’t help himself. He sat down and read it.

Fly By Angel

You tell me I’m your angel

Who fell from the sky

The problem is I don’t know

That you care if I died

You say that you love me

The girl who fell from the sky is what you see

I’m scared to tell you

I don’t know what to do

This is when I wish I could fly

Fly away from the pain and

The stress of the world

But I want you here no,

I need you here with me

You’re my way to the sky

I need your help to fly

I used to crawl into bed at night

I would dream that someday

You’d be mine

For forever and a day

I used to dream that I’d grow wings

And fly away to you

Now I know I’ll

Never be

Able to

Fly away from the pain

And the stress of the world

But I want you here no,

I need you here with me

You’re my way to the sky

I need your help to fly

When he was done reading it he sat on her bed for a second and knew that she really did love him. Then he brought her the journal and said he had to go get his stuff then he would be back over. Before he left she asked if he was sleeping over. He told her that of course he would. If that was what she wanted then that was what she would get. Before he left she gave him a key to her house so he could get back in.

© 2010 Kaelyn Shea

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