Chapter 15 Kaelyn

Chapter 15 Kaelyn

A Chapter by Kaelyn Shea

Chapter 15 Kaelyn

When Arliegh left Kaelyn laid down on the couch and fell asleep. She was really glad she had given him a key because the injury had worn her out. She fell asleep watching television and waiting for him to come back.

Arliegh went home as fast as he could. He showered and grabbed his clothes and was out the door within an hour. When he got back to her house he set his stuff in the guest bedroom this time. Then he went into the living room taking his shirt off as he went. He found her asleep on the couch and got a blanket to cover them with. First he crawled onto the couch and put her on top of him. Then he covered them up. They had only been lying like that for a few minutes when she woke up. It took her a second to figure out what was going on. She knew she fell asleep and now she knew she was waking up on someone’s bare chest. She didn’t know it was Arliegh’s chest till she lifted her head up and saw him smiling down at her. Mainly she was glad she wasn’t with some random guy. “Hey Babe, I bet I’ve been just as exciting as possible. How long was I asleep?” “O just long enough for me to go home, get my stuff together, and come back. That’s all,” Then she realized something. “Hey you’re not wearing your shirt!” “Well I can put it back on if you want” he said starting to get up. “No! I like it!” she said trying to hold him back “Please don’t,” He just laughed and laid back down again. “Okay I won’t put it on. How’s the ankle? Is it hurting at all?” She tried to move her ankle and got a sharp pain in return for the movement. “Yep. It hurts a little bit right now but, that’s because I moved it. Other than that no it doesn’t hurt,” He relaxed a little then asked, “How about your wrist. Is it alright?” “Yeah that doesn’t hurt at all. Thank you for asking.” She leaned up and kissed him. She tried to pull away but he put his hand on the back of her head holding it to his face. He forced her mouth open and she could feel and taste his hot breath in her mouth. He got up picking her up as he did so. He carried her to the bed room and laid her down on the bed. She was about to stop him from going any further when he pulled away and laid down next to her. She pulled herself up to where she was propped up on her elbows next to him. “Thank you for stopping. I was hoping that we could watch a movie but, I wanted to ask you first so, do you want to watch a movie?” “That sounds like a great plan. What movie do you want to watch?” “I don’t know. Hmmm… Maybe twilight? Is that okay?” She asked him like he would think it was the worst movie ever. “That is a good movie. Okay lets watch that,” So she turned on the T.V. and went to videos on demand and bought twilight. They had watched most of the movie when neither one of them could keep their eyes open any longer. She leaned up and kissed him and said “Good night Baby, I love you,” He kissed her forehead and said “Good night my Angel, I love you too. Sleep tight,” Then they both fell asleep.

Kaelyn woke up first this time and was glad it was Saturday. She looked up at Arliegh who was still asleep then laid her head slowly back down on his chest and fell asleep again. Two hours later Arliegh woke up but just lay there watching Kaelyn sleep. She woke up not five minutes after he did and looked at his face and smiled. “Good Morning Beautiful, did you sleep well?” “I slept great with my babe beside me.” “Good I’m glad you slept so good.” He looked at her, smiled, winked, and then he pulled her up so she was straddling his stomach. He ran his hands up her thighs and stomach. She smiled and pulled his hands over her chest and brought them up to her face. She had his left hand cradling her face, and his right on her mouth where she was kissing it. He pulled his hands off her face and back to her middle so he could pull her toward him. Once she was face to face with him he pulled her head down on his and kissed her. He held her face there and she held on to his wrist with her good hand. He rubbed her butt, thighs, and hips as much as he could with his other hand. She pulled away so she could pull her hair out her face and then down she went again. With her other hand she started to draw a line to the belt buckle on his pants and was about to undo it when he stopped kissing her. He pushed her away and she thought he was going to tell her that they needed to stop but instead he undid the buckle and tore his jeans off. Then he pulled her back on top of him once he was in nothing but his boxers. She smiled at him before she started kissing him again. The next time she pulled back she tried to take off her tank top but he stopped her. “I shouldn’t have done that. I led you on and gave you the wrong idea. Besides I don’t want to end up having sex with you and injuring your ankle or wrist any more than they already are,” he said smiling at her and still rubbing her thighs. She sighed and said “Why do you have to be so perfect and always keep me out of trouble?” “Well I guess I could get you in tons of trouble but then your parents wouldn’t trust me or you and then no more sleep - over’s,” Arliegh said before he kissed her again and the he set her down beside him on the bed. Then he got up and pulled his jeans back on and a t-shirt on. “Aw man! Why’d you go and do that?” Kaelyn asked him while pretending to sulk that he had his shirt back on. “So I don’t end up accidentally tempting you to do something you would regret later,” he said as he came over and kissed her on the forehead “hang on a minute while I go get your crutches,” “Like I can go anywhere!” she called after him as he went to the living room to get her walking sticks. When he came back she got up and they walked into her bed room and he sat on her bed with his face hidden in a pillow while she got dressed. Once she was dressed in jeans, flip flops, and a t-shirt she got her crutches again and he asked “So you want to go out to Waffle House to eat?” Kaelyn said “Sounds good to me!” She had started to hobble out the door when he grabbed his keys and his wallet and then he grabbed her and picked her up his arms and took her to the truck. They both had waffles and bacon and then they went back to his house.


© 2010 Kaelyn Shea

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