Chapter 16 Arleigh

Chapter 16 Arleigh

A Chapter by Kaelyn Shea

Chapter 16 Arliegh

When Arliegh drove into the LDS parking lot Will saw them. Arliegh goes to the other side of the truck and grabs Kaelyn’s stuff. She got out and they started heading toward the school. When they got to her locker he helped her get her stuff and kissed her really quickly before he turned around and came face to face with Will. It was a good thing they were early because things were going to get rough. “What the hell did you do to her?!” asked Will looking at her ankle in the huge white plaster cast. “I didn’t do that and why does it matter to you?” That’s when Will tried to punch him. He missed but Arliegh didn’t. His one punch put Will on the ground. Once he was on the ground Arliegh said “Stay and don’t ever kiss her again,” Then he took Kaelyn’s books and walked her to her homeroom where she could wait for Skyla to show up to help her carry her books to class. He kissed her forehead one more time and then he left.

When he got to school Oliver was waiting for him. “Hey is Kaelyn okay? I heard about what Shea did to her Friday. I knew she was jealous but I didn’t think she would go to that extreme just to try and get back with you. That’s just desperate,” Arliegh sighed and said “Yeah Kaelyn has got a broken ankle from the fall and a stress fracture on her wrist from volleyball. She’ll be on crutches for a while,” Oliver patted him on the back and told him it wasn’t his fault that Shea was crazy and then headed into first period. All he could think about was Kaelyn and if dating her was the right choice for her safety. The more he thought about it though the more he realized how badly it would hurt both of them if he ended things between them. In the end he decided that they were meant to stay together no matter what he had to do to protect her from crazy ex-girlfriends or anything else for that matter.

 When he got out of school he went straight over to LDS to help Kaelyn get her stuff and go over to his house. When he walked in Kaelyn was leaning against her locker getting her stuff out and into her back pack and Will was trying to talk to her. She was ignoring him hoping he would just walk away. “Come on Kaelyn! You don’t really like him do you? You’re just going out with him because you feel sorry for him right? You like that Reed guy that was here last week and you like me. I know you do” Kaelyn stopped loading her bag and turned to look at him. “Will, I will never go out with you or Reed. I am not going out with Arliegh because I feel sorry for him, and…” she was cut off here because Will saw Arliegh and grabbed Kaelyn. He pulled her face onto his and kissed her. Kaelyn tried to beat him off with her good hand because she didn’t know Arliegh was standing right in the doorway. He walked swiftly up to Will and pulled him off of Kaelyn. He threw Will to the ground. Then he went over to Kaelyn and made sure she was okay. Once he knew she was fine he went back to deal with Will. “What the hell did you kiss her for? Did me knocking you on your a*s this morning not get it through your head that you are not supposed to touch, kiss, or even think about her? She is my girlfriend, not something that you can go and make out with whenever you feel the need! Stay away from Kaelyn!” Arliegh yelled at Will, who was back up on his feet by now, then he punched Will again for good measure. Arliegh grabbed Kaelyn’s book bag and helped her to the truck. They were just starting to pull out when they saw Will walk out to the parking lot with a bloody nose. The sight of Will like that made Kaelyn and Arliegh both laugh.

Arliegh pulled up in front of his house and helped Kaelyn get out of his truck. She had told him that she was really tired and that she wasn’t going to be much fun but he told her that he didn’t care. He still wanted her to be with him. Once they got inside she sat down on the couch and waited for him to sit beside her. He took his t-shirt off and then grabbed a blanket to wrap around Kaelyn. He sat down and pulled her into his lap. They had just started to watch another movie when Arliegh’s parents came home. They said hi to Arliegh and Kaelyn and then they were gone again to go to a birthday party for one of their friends. Once the parents had left Kaelyn said “Damn, no more sleeping over at my house or yours. O well it was awesome while it lasted,” He looked at her and said while trying not to laugh “I was just getting used to sleeping with someone beside me all the time. Now I have to go back to sleeping alone,” She playfully hit him and said “Yes, because not having me beside you to help you sleep is such a tragedy” “It is for me” he whispered in her ear. They watched the rest of the movie and then Kaelyn said that she probably ought to go home. “Why? I still want you to be here. I need you here,” “Well,” she said smiling “if you want me to be with you then you’re going to have to come inside when we get to my house won’t you.” Then she got up not expecting him to follow her because with her old boyfriend once he decided something there was nothing she could do to change his mind. She got all her stuff on her back and was half way to the door when he caught up with her. “Come on angel, let’s get going. If we want to be long gone before my parents come back we better go now,” Arliegh said as he held the door open so she could hobble out.



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