Chapter 17 Kaelyn

Chapter 17 Kaelyn

A Chapter by Kaelyn Shea

Chapter 17 Kaelyn

When they got in her house Kaelyn started to set her stuff down when Arliegh picked her up. He spun her around and then he started to kiss her. That’s how Reed found them. They had left the door unlocked and he had seen them through the window. He had come over to see how Kaelyn was after the fall and stuff. He walked in and they were standing there kissing and it looked pretty dirty to him. She was wrapped around him and he had no shirt on. So of course, thinking he had walked in on them doing the dirty deed, he flipped out. “Dude, I told you she’s only in eighth grade and you come over here to have sex with her? Who the hell do you think you are?” Arliegh spun around and immediately put Kaelyn down. “We were just kissing! What are you doing spying on us? Who do you think you are barging into someone else’s house?” he was red with anger and shaking pretty badly because he was trying to restrain himself from hitting Reed for Kaelyn’s sake. She had already seen him be violent twice that day. He didn’t think that seeing him punch her best guy friend in the face would make him seem like the good guy. “I came over here to see how Kaelyn was doing after you didn’t protect her from that crazy ex-girlfriend of yours and find you half naked and her draped on you. If I hadn’t of stopped you, you would probably be completely naked and next thing you know she’s pregnant.” Then he turned on Kaelyn and said “Yeah Kaelyn he’s such a wonderful boyfriend.” He tried to throw her words back in face without much success. Seeing that she wasn’t really listening to him he turned back to Arliegh. “If you had been there she wouldn’t be out of volleyball or in a cast and on crutches right now would she?” said Reed also turning red from shouting so much. “I wasn’t there because I got detention. That was a failure on my part but yes, she would still be out of volleyball. See her wrist;” said Arliegh lifting her bad wrist up to show Reed “yeah that’s called a stress fracture and even if she didn’t fall she would be out with this. Shea is crazy yes and apparently very desperate but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep Kaelyn safe,” “If you weren’t going to have sex why are you shirtless?” Kaelyn hopped forward and said “I can answer that. He’s shirtless because I like it when he has no shirt on. Personally I think he looks pretty damn sexy that way. Reed, I told you once already I can take care of myself. Thank you for being so protective of me but, I will stop him if he starts to do anything to me I don’t want. I’m a big girl. Thank you for coming to check on me though. I am fine,” she hugged him then said “You’ve checked on me and seen that I’m fine. Now please leave” as she pointed to the door. Reed looked at her and then said “Ever since you started dating this f*g you’ve become sort of bitchy,” Kaelyn looked at him with hate daggers coming out of her eyes. At least that’s what she was imagining. “If you are trying to get me to like you more insulting me and Arliegh is not the best way to go about it. Now get out of my house!” she yelled.  Reed backed out of the house as fast as he could without falling over and then Arliegh slammed the door in his face. “Now where were we” he said before he picked her back up and started kissing her again. He brought her to the guest bedroom and laid her down. She undid his jeans again and he pulled her skirt off. She again went for her shirt but he stopped her. “That’s as far as we go for today. We don’t want Reed to be right do we?” as he leaned his forehead against hers and kissed her once more before laying down beside her. She rolled over and looked at him. she started to stroke his cheek when he pulled her on top of him again. This time she was the one to start the kissing. He didn’t have to hold her face on his anymore so he started running his hands up her thighs. At first he only rubbed the outside of her thighs but when he went to go start rubbing the inside of her thighs she pulled away and took his hands. She said “Stop Arliegh. I don’t want that. Please don’t do that again. I’m waiting and you are helping me to remember that. So please don’t do that,” He said “Fine, but why do you have to be so beautiful?” she smiled and interlaced their fingers. He then kissed her. She loved the way he kissed her. His lips were soft and warm. When they kissed she felt like she was a dream world.

When she finally pulled away she was very light headed. Arliegh noticed and had her lay down. He covered her and was about to lay back down beside her when his phone rang. It was his mom. “Arliegh you’ve been with Kaelyn long enough for today. You need to come home okay. See you in a little bit. Love you! Bye,” All he could do was tell her that he would be back early tomorrow so he could pick her up and take her to school.  Then while he got dressed Kaelyn watched and wished he would stay and that he could be twenty two. Then she would be twenty one and they could go as far as they wanted with each other.


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