Chapter 1~ The Sighting

Chapter 1~ The Sighting

A Chapter by Jan

            Mommy… mommy are you okay? Please don’t leave me… I don’t want you to go… Mommy…” There my mother was…lying on the floor with blood all around her. Father was yelling about something but, I couldn’t understand what he was saying. Mother told me to go to my room but, when I got there I heard a loud crash and a scream from downstairs. I found her like this when I got there but, father was gone. Nowhere to be found… I shook my mother with my little toddler hand hoping she was sleeping but, she wouldn’t move. Then, I saw her moving… she turned her head to me and her eyes were pitch black with blood coming out of them, “Come to mommy my dear Terri!” I screamed and backed away from my mother. “Mommy, what happened? You’re scaring me!” “Don’t be scared, mommy loves you~” she tries crawling to me but, I scream and tried to scoot away. Then, I got up and ran but, tripped as I felt something around my ankle.

            Awaking from that treacherous nightmare, I looked around my room terrified. I found my mother’s picture next to me and grabbed it. I looked at her pretty face, her wavy brown hair that reaches her shoulders, cupped her face perfectly! She wore her favorite wavy, green dress; I took this picture of her when we went to pick flowers. “I miss you mom…” I said to the picture of her and hugged it. “Why did you have to go?”

            You see, my mother died from a disease, my father wouldn’t tell me what it was because he said I was too young to understand. I tried to figure out what she died from but, it made my head hurt. I heard voices outside my door,” Dad?” I questioned as I got off my bed and headed for the door while holding the picture of my mom. I put my ear against the door to see if I could hear anything. I waited and waited and waited but, there was nothing. I opened the door a bit to look outside into the hallway and I could’ve sworn I saw a shadow. I opened the door more and slowly walked out. I looked around to see if anyone was here but, there was no one in sight. As I was about to walk back into my room, something white caught my attention from the corner of my eye. Down the hall was a fading white light, I couldn’t clearly see what it was but, I wanted to find out.

            I slowly walked down the hall, trying to be cautious with where I was going since it was so dark. I saw the white light fade to the corner by the stairs, so I followed it. I held onto mom’s picture tighter as I looked around the corner but… nothing was there. I went down the flight of stairs and looked around a bit paranoid. I heard a wolf howl from outside causing me to jump a bit and hug mom’s picture closer. “I love you wolves but, I hate you at the same time.” I whispered as I looked around to try and find the white light. Where could it be? 

© 2013 Jan

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Intresting, *rubs her chin thinking*

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Hmmm *plays with my imaginary mustache*
Ooooh very interesting

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Thanks love~!
Kadessa (Kaddy)

10 Years Ago

Yourwelcome luv

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