Chapter 2- Here We Go Again

Chapter 2- Here We Go Again

A Chapter by Jan




After getting a lecture by the PE teacher, we finally got to go to the quad but, I froze when I saw... him...
Zayn Malik... my bully at school... he loves to tease me and bug me... but, I don't understand why he's so mean to me. Megan, Kadessa, and Rebecca were still walking and I jogged to catch up with them. We walked and talked until I got pulled away by him. He pulled me to the side of the building and started making fun of me. He doesn't understand how much this hurts me but, I just push this to the side by saying this is toughening me up.
**Zayn's POV**
Once I saw her, I felt this weird feeling in my chest and my stomach turn. Why do I feel this way for her? Ugh, forget it, it's probably some witchcraft she's doing! Maybe if I try to be mean to her, this feeling will go away!
As I waited for the girls to be released from the locker room area, I heard a certain laugh that made my chest feel weird again. I knew exactly who it was... her. Once I saw her, I tried to push down those weird feelings and stomped towards her with a smirk plastered across my face.
I grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the other side of the building where the teachers couldn't see us and started talking. "Why do you have your hair like that? It looks really ugly! Plus, why do you wear glasses? Nerd!" I yelled
This wasn't helping my feelings, I started to feel... sad? Why isn't this working!? I looked at her face and saw a bit of sadness as well. But also... wait... Are those tears in her eyes? This made me feel really bad...
** Back to my POV **
I heard a whistle blow, indicating that we have to go to our numbers. I held back the tears and tried to calm myself down. I turned and jogged to my number while Zayn ran past me. Lucky me, my number is next to the last person I want it to be... stupid Zayn...

Zayn was already at his number and when I walked to my number, he stuck his leg out at the last moment causing me to trip. I fell on the floor and luckily caught myself into a push-up position. I sent a glare at Zayn and sat on my number.

We did our normal warm-up exercises then we had to play soccer. I love soccer, it's my favorite sport! We got split into two teams and everyone scattered around. Most girls got into their little groups and started talking while I was speeding off for the ball.

A couple of boys tried to get the ball but, I kicked the ball pass them. Rebecca tried to keep up with me and run around them.

How can Rebecca not keep up when she's faster then me!? I thought to myself but, without paying attention I didn't notice my smirking rival who stuck his foot out causing me to trip.

I fell face-first to the ground and heard," Ooo's" around me and someone call my name. I sat up while looking down at the ground, covering my mouth and nose with my hand.

Rebecca put a hand on my shoulder and asked," Are you okay?"

I simply nodded and shakily stood up as I felt something wet roll down my chin to my neck. I pulled my hand away and saw a red oozy fluid on my hand. Rebecca flipped and started freaking out, saying that I had to go to the nurse immediately.

The teacher wrote me a pass to the nurse's office and I left to go but, I saw Rebecca run off to tell Megan and Kadessa.

As I walked away, I looked back at the group of students standing on the field stunned except for one. That smirking jerk who tripped me but, I saw a glint of something else in his eyes like he... was sad...

**Time Skip To After the Nurse's Office**
I walked back to the field where everyone was. I saw my other friend, Bella, run up to me with a shaken look. "Are you okay!? I heard what happened and couldn't find you!" she screamed.
I gave her a small smile and hugged back when she hugged me. "I'm fine, just face-planted into the floor."
She giggled a bit then gave me a serious face. "No, seriously, are you okay? Who did this to you?"
I just shrugged it off saying that I tripped but, she didn't believe that. She gave me a sweet smile and pulled me back to the others. Once I got there, we had to go back across the field to our numbers since it was almost time to go. "No!!! I just ran here now I have to run back!?" I screamed
" Yes! Now go you lazy butt!" exclaimed Rebecca while giggling.
Little did we know, there was someone watching us from a distance.
**Zayn's POV **
I feel terrible... Why do I though? I don't like her!... or... do I?

© 2013 Jan

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I would haver kicked his butt.!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Oooooh, wanna give Zayn some butt woopin

Posted 10 Years Ago

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