Chapter 6~ Lets go!

Chapter 6~ Lets go!

A Chapter by Jan



"Did it work!?" Questioned Rebecca,"Shush child! You gotta wait!" I shouted at her,"Don't shush me! I'm the oldest here!" She exclaimed as she tackled me as we plafully did a girly slap fight while laughing. Kadessa stared intensely at the screen with Bella waiting for the results. Out of no where, a little 'bing!' and we all froze. Kadessa read," The winner of the free tickets and backstage passes is..." she had a look happiness to disappointment," some girl named Cecilia..." All of our faces went down as Bella shouted," What!? I knew this wouldn't work!" She dropped her face in a pillow as Rebecca sighed.


I felt sad as well and popped my head up at them," Hey, lets go get some ice cream!" I cheered Kadessa looked up at me with a small smile," Fro-yo time?" We all giggled, got up, and piled into Kadessa's car.


~ Le Time Skip ~


We sat at a table eating our frozen yogurt, talking, laughing. I finished eating and got up to throw away my cup until... SPLASH I get frozen yogurt all over my green shirt.


"I-I'm so sorry! Here, let me help you!" a British voice quickly said.


I looked up to see an attractive male with black hair, and slight stumble beard while wearing a leather black jacket, white designer t-shirt, but that's it because I was lost in his dark brown eyes.


"Its okay" I responded, snapping out of my daze. I looked at him again to see him trying to clean my shirt. "You're touching a very "feminine" area, sir."


The guy's eyes widen a bit and he stood up straight while averting eye contact. "Sorry, it was an accident. I-I'm Zayn." he said while looking back at me and scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.


I smiled a bit and put a hand on my hip," Janestin, or Jan as people call me." I responded. He smiled back and complimented on what a pretty name it was. We started talking a bit more until we heard an Irish accented guy call for Zayn.


"Come on Zayn! We gotta go!" shouted the blonde boy from the door of the yogurt shop. Zayn looked at him and shouted an," Alright! Alright!" then turned to me, " I gotta go, here" He quickly wrote down his number and handed it to me," We should hang out later." he sent me a smile and quickly walked off to his friend then left.


I couldn't help but giggle because he tried to look back at me and tripped. He was so embarrassed that he tried to play it off as if he really meant to do it. After he left, I walked back over to my group of friends to see them staring at me shocked. "Jan! Don't you know who that is!?" Whisper shouted but Kadessa was staring at te door that the blonde boy was and sighed dreamily.

I looked at them confused and tilted my head to the side," He's Zayn" I said suspiciously. All three girls held in a scream and said calmly with a smile," From One Direction!" I looked down at the piece of paper that held his number," But I got his number and he said he wants to hang out." That set them off, they started fangirling like crazy. Then they started rambling off on how cute their favorite band member they love then Kadessa turned to me," Areyou going to call him?" She asked excitingly. "Um, sure I guess." I replied as I got my phone out to text him and they crowded around me. I sent him a simple," Hey! Its the girl with frozen yogurt all over her shirt!" And he replied with," I'm still so sorry about that love :(" once my friends saw that he said love they started nudging me and teasing me but I just rolled my eyes. "Its alright! Dont worry about it >w<" I replied but he wouldn't give up. "No I want to make it up to you! Come by my place with your friends and I'll take you guys to a concert with my lads!" My friends immediately started slapping my arms saying," Say yes! Say yes!" I replied to my abusive friends," We're not getting married! Stop hitting me!" And I replied to Zayn that I would love to and he sent me his address. But something was wrong... I felt like I had met him before... ~Zayn's POV~ Once she said yes I was so excited! I'm surprise she didn't scream when she saw me like fangirls do. Oh no.... I'm getting these weird feelings again just like in middle school. Not again...

© 2013 Jan

Author's Note

Happy!? Sorry so short, I cut off a huge chunk of the end for the next chapter because I keep feeling that I'm doing something wrong

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Loved it!!!!!! I love this chapter!

Posted 10 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Thanks just these few days I've already learned a song and two whole routine dances

9 Years Ago

Awesome!!! Sounds fun

9 Years Ago


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