I had a nightmare

I had a nightmare

A Story by Jan

His chest nut brown hair that ends at the bottom of his ears
His cotton candy pink lips that turn into a sky blue when shaded
His pink and dark purple checkered collar shirt with sleeves rolled up yo his elbows
His dark brown pants that almost hit the shade of black perfectly
His permanent black shadow shoes
His midnight black eyes with a piercing above his eyebrow
I came upon this fun haunted house that everyone likes to go to. Its a great attraction because the creepypasta, Slender Man, is there! I wanted to meet him because I'm a huge fan so I thought it would be a great opportunity! So I brought along my friends: Everiette, Garriett, and Angel. We walked up to the enterance which was an open dorrway with streamers coming down it. I waited for one of them to go in first so I could follow because I'm a scardey-cat and I get scared easily.  Garriett was the first to go in so I quickly followed with Everiette and Angel following behind me.
We walked through multiple doorways to find some sort of machines in them. They were like factory machines but, except, this building was way to small for a factory. Some smoke came out of a pipe on my left anf I admit I jumped a bit because it made this screetch sound. We picked up our pace until we came to a luxury hotel-ish like room. We were confused but saw a single door so Everiette knocked on the door. And there stood a tall figure, white, no face, wearing a tuxedo and a red tie... Slender Man! He scolded at us to go away so we did.
For some reason though, we kept coming back into the haunted house over and over. But this time... it was different....
There was a a teenager with that description on the top who was standing by the machines looking at them, studying them as if he were trying to memorize it. I went over to talk to him, big mistake. He turned to me with a crooked smile and went straight for my neck. He was choking me! I couldn't get him off so I squirmed in his grip. He just kept smiling and squeezing my neck. I was finally able to escape his grip and ran to my friends telling them thay we need to leave now.
As we were leaving,  that guy came back smiling. I told my friends what happened and they quickly pulled me outside. We were walking back to Garriett's car until I turned around to see the guy following us. I screamed in fear as he got closer and took out a random knife I had and sliced at his stomach.
My friends tried to stop me and pull me away but I kept slicing at his stomach. He stood there smiling and tried to grab me but, then I woke up from that nightmare... I started typing this at 4:30 in the morning but my stupid phone kept making me click on stuff that took me to other things causing me to repeatedly lose it. But anyways, now I'm super paranoid and scared ;-;

© 2013 Jan

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Added on November 14, 2013
Last Updated on November 14, 2013



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