Social Etiquette...

Social Etiquette...

A Poem by L4rn13

Made up stories?

Seize calling her Miss Panty Flash
For her prestigious visage must last!
Knoweth the label you make is what you shall brandish!

Once a fair maiden devoured by the heathen!
Harken these words of horror by the by...
Clutching wretched hearts by the strings.
Curse her! Screech for her demise lest she capture yours
Wilt her disguise..for not all are she-demons...

'Shut ya face yam old tart! Get ya nose out them books!
The brothers of Grimm do noat feh ya!'

Scamper through the trees and count the evergreens,
Attempt the journey home,
For the jaguars will gather in packs and pick the flesh off bone.
Still do not stray for the hunter isn't about,
He's eyes are shot and only itches for the meat of wolves anyway.

But alas what of the house? Made of spider's legs and trout?

'If I told yeh once I've told yeh a thousund times! Drop et!
This imagin'ry coupe! Will make yeh brain poop!'

But the eagles that grapple the Sirens whilst they sing!
Right before the witch does her thing,
Poison their minds and rip their hair to make fine string...
Binding the legs, twining with honey and waxing the bear's limbs,

Not ideal decor,
Fingernails all about the floor,
most perculiar,
Like drag marks to a closet door...

© 2014 L4rn13

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And slap ye round ye head " Get off tha f****n' fence". I love it :D

Posted 6 Years Ago

This is one interesting read my friend, you have share vivid thoughts yet you explain in very deep manner ...simply amazing and wonderful read

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on March 11, 2014
Last Updated on March 11, 2014
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Birmingham, United Kingdom

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