What's the Difference?

What's the Difference?

A Chapter by Brandon Langley

Republicans vs Democrats, what's the Difference? 11.12.13

Democrats hate republicans, thinking they are crazy, inbred, closed-minded buffoons. Republicans hate democrats, thinking they are hippie-dippy, new-age revolutionists. Why? That's something that's been debated for such a long time. Maybe it's just because people feel strongly about something because of something they've read(*cough* the bible *cough*), or maybe they have different moral compasses. Yes, the latter, that sounds right. Democrats have a moral compass based upon nothing but what is right and what is wrong, for instance: democrats believe that people should be allowed medical treatment no matter their social class or whether or not they can afford it. Republicans have a self-centric moral compass, for instance: republicans think that they shouldn't have to pay for other people's medical treatment because it adds to the taxes that they so dearly and truly hate. Of course, those examples were based upon Obamacare, which may not be the best example at the moment, due to its critical online failure. But, lets take gay-marriage as an example: Democrats want any consenting adult to enter into any relationship as any other consenting adult and take it to the same extreme as the relationship between a man and a woman; Republicans believe that gay-marriage is wrong because it will somehow tarnish the status-quo of marriage that they have established so far, diminishing its importance, or holiness, or whatever. But, Al Madrigal, a correspondent on the Daily-Show with Jon Stewart, recently traveled to two of the most anti-gay states and performed a sort of experiment, having a man propose to another in Mississippi and Alabama in a busy café. The reaction was not at all expected, the couple received claps and cheers. But maybe the country is not as homophobic as it was in the past. But, what about economics? Yes! Aha! Economics! This is where the republicans' true colors begin to show, particularly with Trickle-Down, "We know it doesn't work, but we want money anyway!"

© 2013 Brandon Langley

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Added on November 16, 2013
Last Updated on November 16, 2013
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Brandon Langley

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A Story by Brandon Langley