Who Am I?

Who Am I?

A Chapter by Brandon Langley

Who am I? That is actually a really good question. I'm not entirely sure. In the most broad sense, I am Brandon Richard Langley, the sole offspring of Charles Richard Langley and Melissa Anne Langley(née Johnson), born November 4th, 1999. Alas, that isn't what that question means: that question is the social equivalent of an About Me section.
So, who am I? Well, I see myself as a failed attempt at a classical man. I wear clothes that would be considered normal in the 40's, I listen to music from the 60's, and I act like I'm from the 80s. All the while, I'm living in the 21st century as a socially awkward nerd trying to fit in, I'm 14 as I write this(July 2nd, 2014), and I've yet to accomplish that goal. Well, I say that, but I have a few friends, who I'll go over in later chapters. But that answer doesn't satisfy your needs: "It's too vague." you'll say, sitting across the table from me, trying to figure out the perplexing man staring back at you. And I suppose you're right, it doesn't provide any real description of me at all.
So, who am I? I'm slightly overweight, though I try to hide it, people say I'm a genius, though I've yet to find any subject that I'm particularly good at: I have low self-esteem. I've been bogged down by everyone else, so I assume that it's true that I'm a total s**t-head wasting everyone's time, so whenever I approach a situation, I immediately have second-thoughts. For instance, the first time I attempted to ask a girl out in person was in fifth grade. There was a girl in my PE class named Cassandra who I thought was stunningly beautiful-I was probably wrong: It was fifth grade. I sent her a FaceBook message telling her to come to the tree on the outskirts of the playground where I could usually be found sulking. When she came over the next day, I couldn't muster up the courage to tell her how I felt and I just sort of told her to go away.
Anyway, back to me, as you can see, I'm a loser with low self-esteem, but that's okay, I've come to accept it. Like I said earlier, I think of myself as a classical man. Not just a classical man, but a high-strung classical man. In my mind, I see myself as a posh British lord in the Seventeen-Hundreds in a suit with very long coat tails, a top hat, a twirly mustache, and a monocle. However, despite me over-selling myself(to myself), I know that no one likes me and I don't care. Well, I pretend not to care. Perhaps it's just one of my personae that doesn't care. They've all sort of blended together into... Me. By personae, I don't mean that I have multiple personalities: I do impressions, voices, characters-whatever you want to call them, they're that. They're meant to be funny and all in good fun, but I'm the only person that ever gets the joke. One of my characters doesn't give two f***s what people think, but the real me, hidden behind all of these complex layers, he's just a frightened, confused little boy who just wants people to like him. I put up the façade of a d********g who doesn't care what anyone thinks. But really, as I've been told by the few people who have managed to figure out or get close to the real me, I'm a kind, sweet guy who deserves to be treated better than he is.

© 2014 Brandon Langley

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Added on July 2, 2014
Last Updated on July 13, 2014


Brandon Langley
Brandon Langley

Virginia Beach, VA

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A Story by Brandon Langley