The Weight of Ink

The Weight of Ink

A Poem by Malise Haligree

A widow mourns her husband

The hardest thing I have known 
Was letting you go twice 
First shipped out and off to war 
Then when you lost your life. 

While away in that foxhole 
Damp and cold and dour. 
You wrote your careful letters 
Depicting your long hours. 

Hours that slipped far from me 
Without you by my side 
A cold numbness in my heart 
Growing more as I cried. 

That numbness spread completely; 
A sad knock on the door 
And my soul broke in pieces... 
You won't come back anymore. 

"It pains me to inform you," 
The uniformed man said 
But after I heard no more 
A silence gripped my head. 

Diving into panicked fear 
Like falling in a pool 
Couldn't come back up for air 
Drowning now, cold and cruel. 

My breath was trapped inside me; 
Songbird fighting the cage. 
A tightness closing sharply 
And biting, bitter rage. 

I hate Uncle Sam for it; 
For robbing you from home. 
How selfish it was of them 
To leave me all alone 

No longer I have your laugh 
Melodious and deep 
Or your crooning stories as 
You read us both to sleep. 

I miss your morning stubble 
As you kissed me hello 
And that sweater that was an 
Awful shade of yellow. 

I really like that sweater 
In evenings when it's cold 
Since you're not here to hold me; 
Surround myself in gold. 

Out of all my treasure trove 
Priceless are your letters 
Moreso than your other things 
(Even those old sweaters) 

All I have to remember 
Is the weight of your ink 
Penning down your thoughts of love 
And all that you did think 

I feel pain you surely felt
The war, it takes it's toll.
Sheafs of paper heavy with
The burden of your soul.

© 2019 Malise Haligree

Author's Note

Malise Haligree
I get phrases stuck in my head, and they usually evolve into poems. This phrase was borne from "the weight of ink"

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Added on October 8, 2019
Last Updated on October 8, 2019
Tags: war, love, romance, widow, grief, military, letters, ink


Malise Haligree
Malise Haligree


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