I Gave You My Heart In A Flower Pot

I Gave You My Heart In A Flower Pot

A Poem by LeDiisco

The door handle is getting dusty….

The metal is getting rusty…. 

Starving to death from lack of attention. 

There was one last thing I forgot to mention.

I gave you my heart in a flower pot. 

Told you to water it or else it would rot. 

Said to keep it in the sun just to feel the warm.

With a little love it would transform. 

But the pot is not blooming cause its dried to a crisp. 

No water was given so it turned to a wisp.

The dirt turned my poor innocent heart cold

Cause no heat was provided as you were once told.

My hearts lies neglect in that dusty old pot. 

That pot you so easily about forgot. 

It can never be bloomed to the full flower love,

Because you gave my gift a shove. 

You'll find this old flowerless pot one sad day,

And remember the neglect that you threw my way.

You will pour too much water to make up for the past, 

And realize its dead, you were surly miscast. 

Guilt and reality soon set in. 

My cinderella carriage was just a pumpkin.

I gave you my heart in a flower pot. 


I didn't think you would just let it rot. 

© 2012 LeDiisco

Author's Note

I literally wrote this in less than 20 minutes... and I love it.
I have a nasty habit of not reading over my work and getting so excited that I just post right away for people to read, so if I made any mistakes, please tell me so I can revise it! Thanks!!! <3

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Not much of a writer, you say? I say No Way!! This is an adorable enjoyable read, though sad.
The talent is there...At 20, few are "much of a writer" but you have talent that few have, in my opinion. Nowhere to go but UP^
I loved this, personally
Thanks for sharing

Posted 10 Years Ago


Posted 11 Years Ago

I enjoyed the rhyming here, not bad for a 20 min. write.
Your words were so beautifully sad and felt...

Posted 11 Years Ago

interesting, it has a certain appeal to it, dark as it has meaning.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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very nicely penned..

Posted 11 Years Ago

i adore this ... i have read a lot of poems tonight and this one is differently one of my favorites .. so visual, colorful , and descriptive and maybe just a little painful humor ... i loved it ... thank you for sharing

Posted 11 Years Ago

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This was really great, full with emotions, love, dark, and anger...great job, love your style

Posted 11 Years Ago

great,,...one day u'll be get ur success.....
good job..nice poem...

Posted 11 Years Ago

great cadence through out. It really has a great rythem to it.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Wonderful way of giving heart indeed!
I am impressed by the imageries and vivid presentation.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Hey. My name is C. Lee. Im 26 and im not much of a writer.... but I love to write, so I do. I try to stick to things I have gone through, but sometimes I just write about things that I hear about. more..

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