Who Are You?

Who Are You?

A Poem by LeDiisco

Who am I?
Depending on who you ask, I can be anyone.
The reason they want to wake up in the morning;
The reason why they cant trust anymore.
There will always be someone who loves me, but right next to them is the person who absolutely cannot stand my guts.
Isn't that nuts?
People like to focus on the positive when they ask themselves who they are.
A hard worker.
A loving father.
A passionate artist.
A voice for nature.
Cat lady.... enthusiast rather.
You want to see yourself in this amazing light and pretend that your other face doesn't exist.
Sorry to break it to you, but we all have two faces.
Think of the person that you despise the most in your life, got it?
Well, someone somewhere feels roughly the same way about you... more or less.
Hatred varies among individuals, but the point is you are by no means a saint.
Who are you?
An introverted rock collector, but you love to see people fighting or upset.
A hopeless romantic, but have a little black book with lovers you keep on a string.
A quiet librarian who feeds stray animals, but you love the look of heartbreak on others.
A faithful mother who adores her family, but the first to gossip to anyone ear that will listen.
Who are you? What are your faces?
I am a friendly nerdy girl but if I can make it look like an accident or your fault, I will ruin the ending to your favorite game or show.

© 2017 LeDiisco

Author's Note

Something I wrote really quick at work. I really enjoyed how it came out so I figured I would share it.

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People can be like chameleons always adjusting to what people want them to be so it's always good to take some time to look at the mirror and ask who are you?

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on August 9, 2017
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Hey. My name is C. Lee. Im 26 and im not much of a writer.... but I love to write, so I do. I try to stick to things I have gone through, but sometimes I just write about things that I hear about. more..

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