Calm Streams and Waterfalls

Calm Streams and Waterfalls

A Poem by LeDiisco

Comparing the mind to the waters of nature.

Your words are like calm streams and waterfalls.
The way you speak… it’s not like others.
You talk with such confidence as if you have practiced everything you wanted to say for the day hundreds of times.
You know your path and you take every turn with such grace that others become envious.
You are calm and graceful, but few know of the restriction of being set to your path.
The stream in your mind cannot stray or else it becomes a rippling tide that cannot be tamed.

Your waterfall lands in downward unison, breaking the smooth layer and turning it into organized chaos.
From a distance, it’s beautiful, peaceful almost to watch your actions fall into place.
But they are not experiencing it.
They do not know the feeling of ripping yourself apart, tearing in different directions and landing without protection just to splatter out of control.

Yet, there is the calm stream again.
Becoming a new path, different direction, new perspective.
You gather yourself together once again from the monstrous waterfall as if nothing happened.
No one you meet down the path knows of your drop, but you hide it with such poise.
Calm streams and waterfalls.
Beautiful disasters.

© 2018 LeDiisco

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They say there is a close relationship between genius and insanity ( Isaac Newton had Asperger's and Bi-polar, so did Einstein)! I read and reread your interesting piece and felt a metaphoric pull, drawing towards the aforementioned thoughts - and - love that a write can stimulate my mind, at the being a wonderful composition on it's own - bravo - :-)

Posted 6 Years Ago

This is some heavy work. I enjoyed experiencing the collision between reality and perception. You packed a lot of detail in this short piece. It can't be read only once. There is too much to discover.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on April 13, 2018
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Hey. My name is C. Lee. Im 26 and im not much of a writer.... but I love to write, so I do. I try to stick to things I have gone through, but sometimes I just write about things that I hear about. more..

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