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Ignorance is Bliss

Ignorance is Bliss

A Poem by LeDiisco

I find happiness is not knowing things. It's not that I don't care, but I find there is no use in worrying things about you don't have the power to change, so might as well not think of them.


Ignorance is Bliss

Happiness in ignorance.

Cause ignorance is bliss.

It's funny how content I am

With all the info that I miss. 

I live life in a vacuum.

Never letting news get in,

Once I start to think of life

Bad thoughts start to begin. 

I'd rather not know whats going on.

I prefer to keep to myself. 

It's not that I don't care.

But it does't effect my health. 

Whats the point in getting angry.

No need to be upset,

Lifes not meant to live unhappy

Cause of things thats have no threat. 

Millions are worrying everyday

About problems that aren't theres. 

Just live life with a drop of antichrist 

Cause honestly, Who really cares?

I'd rather think of rainbows and butterflies 

Then sickness wars and death. 

Theres a million things to think about 

Then to think of your last breath. 

I think about a happy life,

Where horrors don't exist. 

Life is what you make of it,

Even if fogged out by the mist. 

So turn the news on tv off,

Put the news paper down. 

Stop listening to gossip going around.

No more reasons to frown. 

© 2012 LeDiisco

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Featured Review

Hehehe, this reminds me of what my boyfriend told me when I said, "All I've ever wanted was to be happy," he looked at me and with all seriousness said, "Happiness is not something you get, but rather a state of mind!" He was right after all, you can't be happy if you're not! Your poem expressed this wonderfully and with a pleasant fluidity that made me smile. Especially the line about turning off the news, such depressing crap will kill you heart and soul! I hope you never stray from your bliss and there remain at peace all the rest of your days! Excellent write. :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

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If we are ignorant of other people's woes, then how can charity and kindness prevail. How can the goodness of humanity survive. Won't we all just become empty shells of what we currently strive to be.

It is a good, thought-provoking poem that I really enjoy and I get what it is you are trying to say, but it we can't ignore everything. Well done nevertheless!

Posted 11 Years Ago

this was so effective that I had a slight panic attack while I read it ..
but I may just have been having a panic attack .. it may be coincidence .. but very possibly your poem was so thought provoking I ... well what I mean is I really enjoyed that :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

There are so many individuals who feel this way, I'm sure. But we cannot allow ourselves to live in ignorance, else we allow the enemy to have us imprisoned of the problems they create, only to provide us with the very solutions that make us a prisoner. The greatest weapon we can ever possess is our voice, which we cannot allow them to take away from us. It is not that you should worry about the things you cannot change, but rather to focus on the things you can do that help make a change. To live in ignorance is to live as a slave, leaving no chance of happiness finding its way in life.
Many times, in many cases, I am guilty of that very crime.
The problem with many is that they focus only on the problems going on in life, which in terms only creates more problems. So, this is where I, like so many, feel repulsed about the news, which your piece expresses so well. DO NOT rely only on the news as your source of information, for the news creates more problems than it solves. Broaden your awareness, taking in the knowledge that surrounds you everywhere. Think independently. Don't let the news control you.

REMEMBER! To live ignorantly is to live a slave

Posted 11 Years Ago

Nt bad.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Good work, good work.

Posted 11 Years Ago

I think these are great thoughts. I was asked once when I was a teenager way too many years ago what I wanted out of life. I answered, to be happy and enjoy life the best I can. I've pretty much lived by that philosophy. I'm fairly laidback and easy going...most of the time. My dear wife is quite the opposit though. We compliment each other perfectly. I bet you're a bit of a daydreamer.
Good job. I really liked it; kinda reminds me of myself.

Posted 11 Years Ago

u wrote truth......nice..

Posted 11 Years Ago

I love how you start off this piece, It kinda hits home, like I would rather not know what is going on in the world, I try not to watch the news because it only makes my day sad, because of all the sad things that happen, I hate watching it, it makes me cry, so id rather not know and just be ignorant about it, tho some things we just cant ignore, but sooooo many people just live their life in that way, in ignorance,
I love this piece tho, I really do, great jjob :) love love love

Posted 11 Years Ago

Sometimes people tend to overlook the simple poems and, in the process, miss out on something enjoyable. While there were a few typos, such as "effect" (should have been "affect") in the third stanza, it didn't really take away from the effectiveness of the piece. Nice job. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

sometimes i'm that way in some of those lines, others i can't seem to help myself, but i agree with you all the way, or close to it at least

Posted 11 Years Ago

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