Blood Bearer

Blood Bearer

A Chapter by LG02

Chapters 1-3



Chapter 1 �" Old wife's tales  

A faint squeal in the distance as the arrow pierced its way through the flesh, bone and brain of its intended target. A man lay lifeless in his field, blood soaked the thirsty earth as it seeped deep within the soil. The man was a farmer by day by night a human trafficker now he was nothing but a corpse or a prize for his killer Arden “the blood bearer”. 

Arden stood tall and proud dressed in black robes with cowl and mask to hide his identity, his eyes were different from any man for his eyes glowed with fire the flames flickered in his eyes like a reflection off a mirror, that alone scarred the people of his home Merloth away from him. Underneath these black robes was a strong and battle-hardened man scars ran along his body like a flowing river, His hair was long at the back of his head and jet black he opted to have it tied back however on top and the sides of his head was shaved with dark red tattoos riddled into his skin no one knew the power he wielded within him he was like a god among men and the best in his niche market of work he was the number one bounty hunter throughout his home lands and his country Nasif, he used only 2 weapons a bow hand crafted with the a serpents body twisting itself around the bow with its head sat perched on the top of it so it could watch from a far as it killed its victims without mercy, Arden's second weapon was a sword crafted by his ancestors passed down through his family this happened to be the only thing Arden knew of his family. 


Arden trudged through the farmers crops to his prize as he arrived at the body, he looked up at the dusty track on the other side of the stone wall there stood a figure holding onto a staff at first glance it looked to be nothing more than a Shepard, Arden ignored the figure and carried on with the task at hand proof of his kill, he unsheathed his sword and swung it over his shoulder and down with all the might he had and took the corpse's head clean off he wrapped it in rags of the farmers clothes and strolled back to the road where his horse was waiting for him as he drew closer to his stallion he noticed something, the figure he saw had left markings on the floor where he stood markings Arden had never seen before this puzzled him he had heard old wife's tales of wizards and sorceresses but not once had he believed them could it be? Arden dismissed the thought at once and carried on for his gold down at an abandoned market or so it seemed abandoned...  

Arden quickly sensed something wasn’t right despite the fact he was in an abandoned market he could hear whispers and tiny pebbles being crushed under people's steps he felt the air part behind and the hairs stood up on the back of his neck Arden spun immediately to find himself being run down by 2 bandits with blades they had clearly pillaged as they were far higher quality than any peasant could afford, Arden grasped the hilt of his sword and slashed at one of the men as he pulled the blade from its sheath cutting right through his stomach and seeing his guts unfold out of him the cry of pain could be heard for miles around, this seemed to make the other bandit more angry than scarred he shouted in a rage “that was my brother!” he swung for Arden who parried the attack with ease and skipped to one side and let the man's momentum make him trip over Arden's outstretched leg without even looking at the man Arden flipped back over the man mid-air thrusting the sword through the man's chest and landed on one knee as he lifted his head to scout his surroundings Arden saw something he saw no less than half an hour ago the figure was stood on roof top staring hard at him the figure turned away into the wind and disappeared Arden raced over and climbed the collapsing building only to find nothing but the same markings left on the dirt track by the farm. 





Left confused by the mysterious figure, in the centre of the markings it had left behind 5 gold coins the exact amount he was owed for his bounty this confused Arden even more as the man who gave him the bounty looked and seemed like a normal man who had been through a hard time. Arden climbed onto his horse and galloped with haste back to his home on the outskirts of Merloth. Birds flew away from their nests as Arden came speeding up the road to his home which stood alone tucked away behind a forest, he jumped off his horse and took the severed head he had collected for proof and launched it into a fire pit in the centre of his court yard the smell of burning flesh filled the air Arden walked to the front door of his house and realised it was open his sword came out quickly as he pulled his cowl and mask back up he crept through his own home until he reached the kitchen where he found his food on the chopping board when he had left it in the cupboards he moved silently through to the sitting room where he found his battle axe on the table instead of its usual place on the wall, Arden was not a patient man he grew tired of this cat and mouse game “WHERE ARE YOU!” the house vibrated from his roar “I KNOW YOU ARE HERE SOMEWHERE!” a rage took over Arden he started searching the house yet there was no sign of anyone he searched the bedrooms, bathroom, cellar and found nothing he took a deep breathe realising whoever it was had left as he climbed the stairs from the cellar he felt the air part and move once again as he reached the sitting room there stood a man no hair nothing special about him just a staff he hung onto with a hard grip he wore a tattered robe that looked like it had been of great fashion many years ago, “it's you the figure I've been seeing everywhere I go isn't it?” questioned Arden “Aye it is Arden” shock gripped Arden by the throat “How... how do you know who I am?” the man replied “I know everything about you Arden I've been keeping my eye on you since your father passed as promised” Arden took a moment he had no memory of his family “ you knew my father?... I have so many questions” the mysterious man looked at him with tired eyes “and they will all be answered in due time but for now I must tell you why I am here, long ago people like you and I use to be seen everywhere throughout the kingdom of Nasif however a great plague of beings tore through the land in the search for power, it was 3 brothers Bezerka, Flemhein and the most powerful Nurmog. These brothers killed off most of our world Arden just like how they killed your mother and eventually your father, I've come for your help as they are back and are after an ancient artifact that would give them the power to control free will meaning they will rule the world” Arden looked at the man with so many emotions running through him, a single tear ran the length of his face from the thought of his family even though he hardly knew them “how could I be of any help to fight what seems to be a power far greater than me”  

“I will train you in the ways of magic Arden with your combat capability and magic on your side you will be the only man alive who can put an end to their plan and to their horrid lives”. Arden looked away staring hard his eyes blazing once again part of him felt like he should help merely for the thought of his parents, but he knew it would surely lead him to his demise as he did not believe in this so-called magic. “NO IM SORRY YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO FIGHT THEM YOURSELF FIND SOME OTHER MAD B*****D TO HELP YOU! NOW I WOULD LIKE YOU TO LEAVE!”. The figure span himself towards the door “Your father would be ashamed if he could see you now” he added as he marched off surprisingly quick for an old man.  



Chapter 2 �" Magic is real? 

Rain poured relentlessly for hours Arden sat in his kitchen thinking about this old man and his words getting more furious by the second he launched himself off the stool he was sat on towards the front door snatching up the 5 gold coins he was rewarded for the farmer he had killed hours ago there were only 2 things on his mind drink and who he was going to fight first. Arden travelled to a tavern he had never been to before above the door there was a sign “The Lions Head” He walked in and took up a seat at the bar the taverns owner looked happy to see a new customer “and what can I get for you, my friend?” he asked with a big smile across his face unfortunately for him his new customer was not in a cheerful mood “ale and lots of it” Arden said sliding one of his gold coins across the counter “oh by the way were not friends I don’t even know you” the owner was shocked and quickly got a giant jug of ale and a cup Arden sat drinking alone for a while staring into space, for some reason he couldn’t get the mysterious man out of his head his words rattled around his head to the point he was reciting the words out loud “just like they killed your mother and eventually your father” he mumbled to himself suddenly Arden's eyes shot up as two merry men who clearly had been drinking too much started messing around with each other the bigger one of the two pushed his mate who fell right into Arden spilling his ale all over him the man simply got up and took no recognition of Arden flames burst up in Arden's eyes “OI” the man turned “YOU OWE ME A DRINK” the whole tavern fell silent even the band stopped playing to get a look in the drunk man screwed up his face and said “here’s your drink you ugly piece of weasel s**t” and proceeded to spit in Arden's face, quicker than the man could laugh a mighty punch crashed into his jaw and smashed the giant jug over his head Arden grabbed the man and repeatedly punched him in the face the drunk’s friends jumped up and charged at Arden two punches came flying in at the same time Arden quickly grabbed onto both fists and swung his body backwards holding himself off the ground from their arms and then pushed back up throwing a right hand into one of the goons faces popping his nose immediately and then using the same arm to slam his elbow into the other ones face shattering his teeth in the process they both fell to the ground Arden felt so good letting out his anger he didn’t care who it was he hitting “IM GETTING THE TOWN GUARDS!” cried one of the ladies watching on in horror as she watched her husband have a jug smashed over his head Arden leapt at her and whispered in her ear “you'll go to sleep” and crunched his forehead into her face knocking her out cold. Arden wasn’t done though he wanted to teach them all a lesson he pulled a knife from the drunk who had spat on him he took a knee as he plucked out the drunk's tongue and cut it with his own knife “STOP WHERE YOU ARE!” Arden span and saw guards starring at him through the window they came charging into the tavern he bolted diving through a window smashing the glass onto the back-alley Arden pulled his cowl over his head running full speed at some benches he stepped up leaping catching a hanging basket which propelled him onto a balcony he flipped up looking back down to the streets seeing 10 guards running but stumbling after him the leader saw a ladder “up the ladder you fools!” Arden set off again running along the rooftops not really knowing where he was going, he came to a sudden stop when he realised he had run out of rooftop, to jump from that height would be broken leg for sure he thought “we have got you now you hooded b*****d” the guards surrounded him with 9 pikes pointing at him “who are you?” the captain asked, Arden thought for sure he was finished after leaving his weapons at home he took down his cowl his red tattoos lit up in the moonlight the guards gasped the captain was somehow amused though “My my what do we have here boys? If it's not the great Arden blood bearer filthy little s**t ill have your head” the captain stepped forward with his axe and swung at Arden's head, he missed as Arden ducked but as he did a flash appeared and the old man from before was stood in the way of the captain and Arden “WHERE DID YOU COME FROM OLD MAN! OH, WHAT THE HELL KILL THEM BOTH MEN!” the old man pushed out his arms and a massive blast of air pushed all the guards over with a great crash which could be heard down different streets from all the armour hitting the concrete roof, and just as fast as the old man had got there, he had disappeared with Arden leaving nothing but the strange markings on the roof. 


Chapter 3 - snap of the fingers 

Arden appeared in his own courtyard, on the other side of the firepit stood the wizard they locked eyes “How did you do that!” the old man looked around observing his surroundings “Now do you believe in magic” his hand grasped around his staff Arden spotted a ring on his finger it looked like the serpent on his bow it eyes flaming with fire just like his. Arden didn’t question it he felt something larger was at work here, “Show me” the old man turned and looked “I can only show you this kind of power if you are willing to use it for good” Arden not even thinking of the task that is being asked of him replied “I will” the old man turned to him “Very well my name is Abraham but you will call me master” Arden turned his nose up at the fact he had to call him master but he was willing to do it to learn these powers. “First lesson... casting fire” Abraham snaped his fingers and a flame lit up on his fingers and he turned it into a ball as he launched it into the sky Arden watched in amazement with his mouth wide open “Your turn Arden clear your mind and then it's all in the snap of the fingers” Arden stood tall as always took in a deep breath and snapped his fingers a tiny spark jumped into the air and fizzled out “Again” bellowed Abraham SNAP after SNAP Arden tried but couldn’t keep the flame “Come on Arden your meant to be a part of this ancient family and you can't cast a simple fireball” Arden's patience started to thin he hated being tormented Arden's eyes filled with flames and he snapped his fingers hard a flame sparked out of nothing he stood expressing his excitement with a massive smile across his face he span himself around and launched a fireball into the air just like his master. Abraham did not look impressed all Arden got was “Again” Arden spent hours in the courtyard throwing fireballs into the air, at targets at some points reaching his hand into his firepit to pull flames out and launching them wherever instructed. Finally, Abraham was satisfied with his teachings “I have a task for you Arden go to the centre of Merloth there u will find an old man in a tavern smoking a pipe he is accused of being a rapist I have caught him before... kill him and I will pay you 7 Gold coins” Arden looked at his new master “What tavern will I find him” “The lions head” Abrahams faced turned into a cold smile Arden rolled his eyes and new this would only bring more trouble than he needed however he did as instructed he hatefully gathered his weapons and rode to the pub he was thrown out of the night before. 



Light poured out the windows of the ale house, Arden walked towards the doors glanced inside and saw four village guards enjoying a quiet drink. He knew this wasn’t going to be an easy job he didn’t want to draw attention to himself, so he went round the back of the house and climbed through an open window above everyone Arden sat perched on the beams in the centre of the room scouting for his target, there was only one man smoking a pipe in the room a weathered old man with scruffy grey hair, he slumped in his chair as his belly popped over his belt, Arden watched him closely as he supped at his ale. Eventually the guards left, and Arden climbed down from the roof directly Infront of the old man he looked up at Arden with one eye the other covered by a bloody patch, “can I help you!” he snapped, Arden didn’t like his tone “I was wondering if we could talk... alone?” replied Arden forcing a patient tone “Can't you see I'm busy you idiot” as he nodded at his ale and pipe Ardens eyes lit with a flame “Arden!” “I should of kn...” Arden grabbed the old man's throat mid-sentence and pulled him to the door just as he went to grab for the handle one of the town guards walked in as he had forgot his weapon “YOU AGAIN! LADS GET THE CAPTAIN!” he flung both arms at Arden who spun the old man into him, run away was the first thing that came to Ardens head but more guards turned up he was outnumbered and cornered in the ale house, suddenly bursting in the captain set his gaze on Arden “NO RUNNING THIS TIME!” he mocked, Arden pulled out his sword and readied himself a young guard ran full speed at Arden with his spear aiming for his head quickly Arden ducked as the spear crashed into the wall behind him he plunged his blade through the guards stomach “ARRGHHH” blooded bubbled and poured out of his open mouth Arden advanced slashing two more guards across the face with one swing of his sword, he raised his weapon above his head and then felt a cold spear tip rip through the flesh of his leg, his body tensed as he grit his teeth the old man stood holding the spear. 

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Author's Note

Looking for any feedback what you liked about it and what you did not like and what to improve on. And anything you would like to know about this world.

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Blood Bearer Blood Bearer

A Book by LG02