Chapter 2- The Bustling City

Chapter 2- The Bustling City

A Chapter by LKBillips

Still a work in progress but I think it has some serious potential. :)


Chapter 2- The Bustling City


Just a weary traveler or completely out of my head?  Verdict still out.


            We finally reached the street outside the train station.  I took a big breath of air trying to relieve myself of this unknown emotion that had enveloped me.  Instead I found myself choking on the dirty steam of a passing vehicle.

            “Miss, are ye alright?  You look like you’ve swallowed a cotton ball.”  Nathan patted me on the back as hard as his tiny hands could muster.

            “Yes, yes, just not used to this city air quite yet.  Thank you Nathan for your assistance. Let us hail a motor and head straight to Bread Street.  My cousin shall be anticipating my arrival there shortly.”

            “Bread Street Miss? I thought you wasn’t a Glimmer?  Sounds a bit fancy ta doo.” He raised his eyebrow questioningly to me.

            “My cousin does seem to run in higher circles I suppose, but I had not thought much on it.  Growing up in the country Society was neither here nor there.  We shall have to acquaint ourselves together in that realm of the ton I suppose Nathan.  I care not really what they think of me, but it would be dreadful to hurt my cousin’s standing by mistake."

He brought his two fingers to his mouth and let out a shrill whistle.  Although painful on the ears, it was quite effective on the aim of getting noticed. A rather banged up, but shiny motor pulled up next to our curb and waited. Inside was the most exotic looking man I’ve ever seen.  His skin shiny and tanned to the hue of almonds.  His hair dark as pitch and shoulder length tied up in a leather scrap. The most striking was his eyes though.  The were peridot, cat-like in shape, and practically glowing with the reflection of the sun. Awestruck I openly gapped and wondered what paint I could use to replicate that beautiful green.

            “Where to Miss?” he said leaning out his window.  His buttery words coming to rest with a sly smirk.  Collecting myself I shook my head gently. 

            “I apologize, I was... have never seen quite a hue.” I stumbled. Nathan catching my elbow, righted me. The motor driver openly smiled now.

            “I know my skin can be quite shocking, but no cause for alarm I assure you.”

            “Oh no not shocking I assure you,” I stammered. “I was actually referring to your most unique and beautiful eyes.”  I caught myself leaning in to get a better look and couldn’t help but blush. “I apologize once again, ah yes, we need to go to Bread Street please. Nathan put my bags in the back please.” I tried to collect myself looking anywhere but directly at his face. As Nathan loading my traveling bags, the driver hopped out of his door and opened the back for me.

“Here you are Miss. My name is Miro and may I say your eyes are quite fetching as well.” The teasing in his voice was evident, and I couldn’t help but laugh at myself.  I really did not seem to know how to act today.

            “A pleasure Miro, I seem to be a little out of character from my travels, but I am sure you will forget the whole scene once we are parted.  I am Miss Annabelle Sweeting and this here is Nathan Starling.” Nathan climbed in the back as the Driver took his spot in front. 

            “Sweeting and Starling, now that seems like a formidable team indeed. And Miss, no one who has met you would forget you any time soon. I can assure you of that,” he said with a wink.

            I felt the heat creep up my neck as we pulled away from the curb.  I would surely disgrace my cousin if I kept this act up.  Chiding myself I stared blankly out the window, until the scenes started to penetrate my reverie. The city was fill with the most wonderous things. Little propelled gizmos fluttered next to a street vendor. Motorized spiral stair cases could be see through clear walls winding their way up to the higher-level boutiques. The smell of steam and glazed hazelnuts assaulted my senses in the most enticing way.  I sighed and closed my eyes enjoying the sensation. Opening my eyes, I found that a pair of green ones were staring back at me from the side mirror. Intense and unnerving, I smiled sheepishly and sat back in my seat.

 We pulled up to my cousin’s place and Nathan hopped out to get the luggage. I reached for my own door and found Miro opening it at the same time. He looked down at me with the same intensity and I felt a shiver of something I could not place. He offered his hand and I took it hesitantly.

            “No, Miss Annabelle Sweeting. Not any time soon indeed,” he said.

He lifted my hand to his lips and gave it a parting kiss. Nathan handed him his fee and the next thing I know his motor is racing down the road. It wasn’t until he turned the corner that I understood his words. I smile spread across my face. A most exceedingly intriguing start to this journey.


© 2018 LKBillips

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The language and the feel of this story reads like a Jane Austen novel.Not really my cup of tea but being my friend and beibg a talented writer has its benefits.i continue on...

Posted 2 Years Ago

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2 Years Ago

That's a huge compliment KC! And I appreciate your effort. If you cannot forge on any longer I won'.. read more

2 Years Ago

Sometimes you have to eat your have to eat what's good for you.the language and time .. read more

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1 Review
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