Chapter 3- My Cousin's Dwelling

Chapter 3- My Cousin's Dwelling

A Chapter by LKBillips

Chapter 3- My Cousin’s Dwelling


Is it me, or can one like feathers a little too much? Asking for a friend.



            We walked up the stairs to my cousin’s house, and I took in the bright bouquet of flowers in the window boxes. Such cheery blooms on a rather gray street. I smiled as Nathan hit the button besides the door.  Chimes began to sound and a whizzing of gears and pullies began to move. Steam plumed out from the top as the doors swung inward to reveal a butler in the most jaw dropping ensemble I have ever seen. Bright canary yellow with a peach waist sash stood out first. But nothing could prepare my eyes for the feathered delight upon his head. He grimaced as he followed my eyes direction to the yellow plumage he was sporting.

            “May I help you Miss?”

            “Oh yes, I am Miss Annabelle Sweeting, and I have come to stay with Jaimie, oh I mean my cousin, well Mr. Nethersby,” I said trying to take my focus from the dazzling accessory.

            “Cousin, cousin is that you finally!”  I could hear Jaimie shouting from within. He came rushing to the door and scooped me up spinning me in a full 360. I laughed as he kissed both my cheeks and smiled down at me. His outfit was no less impressive. An olive green with gold paisley detailing and a cravat with a peacock feather pinned to it. I turned towards Nathan to find his mouth open and eyes swiveling from Jaimie to the butler and back again.  I gently lifted his chin and set to the introductions.


            “Dear cousin, it is great to see you again.  This here is Nathan Starling and he is now in my employ.”

            “Oh dear Belle, you always loved taking in strays. Tsk, Tsk these rags will not due for my cousin’s traveling boy. We shall have to go shopping straight away,” he said.  A look of horror flashed upon Nathan’s face.

“Actually cousin, I will take this task on myself as I must procure some fabrics for my own ensembles and I am already indebted to your kindness for hosting me here. Where are the best silk shops do you suppose?” My question deliberately diverted Jaimie’s attention from Nathan and he gave me a grateful smile.  We walked through the door and my cousin rattled off several places he thought would be suitable for my clothing selections. He raptured over my hat and told me of a local gear shop that would suit my needs as well.

 We walked talking amiably about our plans for the summer.  I then took in the room where we stood. I gasped at the pure decadence of it.  Fabrics rich red with silver threading, dark rich wood furniture.  Each room we passed had a different theme of patterns and colors. It was truly a sight to feast upon.

“If you like this, you’ll love what I did to your room!”  He took me by the hand and we moved quickly up the stairs. “I know this is quite ill decorum cousin, but we have always been odd and I think it suites us.  Perhaps in public will put on our droll faces, but I hope you permit my whimsy in our shared quarters?” He looked at me with hopeful and nervous eyes.

“Of course cousin, why do you think I accepted this invitation.  Stuffy Aunt Prudence has been trying to get me out here for years, but I would not do well I think under her tutelage,” I replied. We looked at each other for a second and started laughing heartily.

“Yes, yes Prud is quite that isn’t she!  Bless her heart!”  He then opened the door to my room and waited on bated breath for my reaction. A beautiful posted bed stood gleaming in the center of the space.  A glossy warm wood finish accompanied by beautiful light rose hues gave it a meadowy look. Furniture of the same warm wood placed functionally around the room gave a cozy feel. Rose brass accents gleamed in the fireplace’s light. Mechanical brass fixtures adjoined the window to pullies for opening to a private balcony overlooking the small back garden. I looked back into my cousin’s eyes and leaped at him with a hug.

“It’s truly a work of art!  You are too good to me,” I whispered.

“Belle, you’ve always been kind to me when our family has been quite unfeeling. I’ve had good fortune since father died, and I could not dream of sharing it with anyone more deserving than you. We shall have great adventures I believe. And come the end of the season, if you haven’t grown tired of my company, you are welcome to stay on as long as your heart desires. Just don’t make me too jealous with all those dashing beaus that will be sure to be calling soon,” he said.

“I know it’s been hard for you Jaimie. Especially with the way the ton is supposed to gossip. I can only offer my promise to never look at you differently than I always have.  As I really don’t see the problem with it at all. Just that we may be competitive from time to time.” I said with a wink. “I will try to not do anything embarrassing either to bring attention to the gossip mongers. I would not dream of disparaging your name with how hard you’ve worked to get here. Working with the top dressmaker in town is no small feat indeed!”

“My dear, your concern for me is heartwarming. I don’t worry about what they say too much now. What can be worse than what my own family has said. I daresay you could not embarrass me even if you fell on head in the middle of Almack’s. You are the only family I really count now,” he said. He then kissed my forehead and walked down towards his own living quarters. “Afternoon tea once you are settled okay?”

I nodded and headed inside the beauty that was my room. Nathan having struggled up the stairs with my bags brought them in and set them in the corner.  He looked around a let out a low whistle. “Well Miss Sweeting, I’d say you waz a Glimmer now for sure.”

“I daresay you might just be right Nate. Now go down to the kitchen and get yourself something to eat.  You must be famished from hauling my luggage.  Please send up a maid to fill my tub as well.  I must get this travel grime off me at once. You could do with a good washing as well. Tomorrow we will set out on the town and collect what we need to make our season’s styles I think,” I mused.

“You mean to make clothes for me ma’am? I donna what to say. Don’t Glimmer’s get clothes made for em? Perhap you should do the same now you are moved up in the world. You don’t need worry about me,” he spoke shyly.

“Nonsense!  They have nothing that I want, I make what pleases me, and if that is Brass than I guess that is what I remain to be. You and I are a team now.  A formidable one apparently. So we shall dress the part. Unless you like your rags and do not like my style?” I questioned.

“Oh no miss, that is your style is gleaming.  I have naught seen the like of such tinkering before.” He pulled his hat off and placed it by his chest. “I’d be honored, undeservin’, but honored for such fancy ta doo.” He smiled wide at me. He scampered out the room and headed to do what he was asked.  Flopping down upon the bed I felt light hearted and relieve to find myself here at last. I closed my eyes and two sets of eyes clouded my thoughts.  One dark sultry brown, and one intensely green.


© 2018 LKBillips

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You have a great sense for writing in this time also have written a bold and spunky main character.interesting to see what happens next when Annabelle is rested and ready for a new world

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Year Ago

Thanks KC! Yeah she's feisty, but those are the best kind I think. :)
Very good. I'm enjoying your book so far. I urge you to keep it up and finish.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Miss Fedelm

1 Year Ago

I made the changes you suggested to flight of Molly. But it's different that what I originally descr.. read more
Miss Fedelm

1 Year Ago

I also added a transition story between "Flight of Molly" and "The Poet's Club". Don't know if it's .. read more

1 Year Ago

Okay cool I will check it out for sure. I posted chapter 4 ;)

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