Run Run Run

Run Run Run

A Poem by Nightmare Catcher

In a little town that, not so very far astray... A little girl screams, telling you to run away...


In a little town, that’s not so very far astray

A little girl screams, telling you to run away

Behind her is a scene, painted in black and grey

The fear in her eyes, clear…as…bright…days


Suddenly she’s gone, nowhere that’s in your sight

Eyes widened in fear, take some steps back in fright

Then the darkness falls, day turning into night

Can you tell you’re scared, put…up…a…fight


Run run run, run away before you die

Run run run, best not to close your eyes

Run run run, a fate to not deny



Did you hear of the cat, t’was killed by curiosity

Satisfaction brought it back, became a fierce monstrosity

Don’t go into that town, your fate will be atrocity

Listen to our words, vis…co…si…ty


You followed that grim path, nothing can save you now

From here you’re all alone, a life death will not allow

Didn’t listen to our words, hear the wolves final howl

It’s sad what you’ve become, re…duced…to…chow


Didn’t run run run, away before you die

Didn’t run run run, too bad you closed your eyes

Didn’t run run run, a fate tried to deny



Devil dances ‘round, singing a happy tune

You’re body lying still, in the light of the moon

No grave for you tonight, death that was all too soon

And with your final words, “Should…have…list...ened…to…you…”

© 2014 Nightmare Catcher

Author's Note

Nightmare Catcher
This was originally a song I wrote, and trust me it sounds a lot better sung then what it does read on paper...

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Added on July 14, 2014
Last Updated on July 14, 2014
Tags: death, run, scream, scared, horror, thriller


Nightmare Catcher
Nightmare Catcher

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