Good Night America

Good Night America



Good night America… home of the brave

Drift off on that bed of nails that you made

Stay warm beneath that thick blanket of hypocrisy

Put it off another day… pray for Israel, praise democracy

Good night integrity… it’s been real,

you taught me how to stand and fight a war

Uncle Sam told me if I love something let it go

And if it comes back it’s yours


I'll be holding my breath for your return


The media just texted me

“lol can you believe he asked to be my friend! Sure! ;)”

Good night pride hope I don’t have to pull the plug

I can say it’ll never be like it once was

Good night sanity… can’t say I’m surprised

Sometimes it takes a black president to show true colors

Andthe crazy one can find in people’s eyes

Good night civil liberties… you’ve lost weight and a few possessions

I'll keep my fingers crossed

Congress promised you’d get it all back next time that it's in session

That is unless something else happens that can be used as a weapon

Good night Congress… make sure your pimp tucks you in tight

With stories plots of power, money, and their pen’s might

How to start a war, save a penny, make a buck, shorten life

Forget your sick constituents praying to make it through the night

Close your eyes and think warm… now turn out the light


Good night poor people… it could be worse knock on wood

Maybe tomorrow we’ll make good

On EVERYTHING we said we would

But if we don’t, no worries m'kay?

We’ll get to your neighborhood


Good night Bible belt… remember nobody knows better than you

Save your money, count your coin… remember we love Jesus too

See you tomorrow

Good night peace, hello sorrow

Good night couth and common sense we had some good times didn’t we

Lament what freedom was because now it isn’t free


Good night hope … sorry you didn't make the cut for the machine

C'est la vie, I’ll see you in my dreams


Good night change, you never had a chance admit it already

Life has different lanes that end the same

They’re all deadly

Good night constitution… sorry about that yellow stain we left

We swear, yes we swear to defend and misinterpret you

To our last breath

Good night Hollywood… can’t wait to hear what I need to feel complete

Good night society… don’t forget your meds before you sleep

Let him give his life for you, just don't let him speak

Good night election year enjoy the vacation

See you in a couple weeks

Good night blame tomorrow you’ll have a new home

Forget everything you’ve been told is true…

The truth ain’t set in stone

Good night liberty… we’ll always have Ellis Isle

The people can speak for themselves

Governmanet just tells them how

Good night America you’re a star all alone

Good night America, sweet dreams enjoy your date with Rome


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Added on June 2, 2011
Last Updated on October 17, 2011
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Richmond, VA

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