Mind Games

Mind Games

A Story by laalaxox

just a loose chain of thoughts piled on one after the other.. (i know my grammar/punctuation is shocking)


the feelings of guilt and anxiety mesmerised through her body, her heart rate constantly stung like a bleeding wound, there was no escape. pain and desperation can leave people feeling vulnerable and empty, with the lingering desire of wanting more.

our minds can be our worst enemy, with overthinking being a big culprit 

our minds are a battle field where creativity takes its tole 

scenarios, words, illusions can take over our thoughts

consumed by made up images of our troubles

our interruptions of people, places, events on our mind

no one can understand what its like

no one knows all the thoughts in your head, that never sleep

only we can

no one knows what we are like

only we know

that is why when we have feelings of guilt and feel like we are suffocating in a world so busy we need to openly communicate with ourselves. communicate with honesty, respect and open mindness.

we need to be able to trust ourselves

and allow ourselves to become our saviour, our hero, our shoulder to lean on

trust yourself, speak to yourself, love yourself and get to know yourself

you can’t hide

feelings of guilt and anxiety are one thing, yes, but its being able to control them, grasp them and acknowledge them that is what has an effect on us.

our minds should not control us, we control our minds. we  need to have the power to turn the negative into the positive. we are still breathing, life moves on, look outside, the moon is still orbiting the sun is still rising, cars are still roaming. life goes on. so yes its hard having these feelings that may sometimes feel like they are getting the best of you, but that is what builds us to be fighters. how must you expect to survive in such a brutal world without a helmet and bulletproof vest. we are born fighters, so that we are prepared to step on the war zone that is called life. stop over analysing situations, thinking of the worse, thinking about tomorrow, thinking about next week, think about now. shift your perspective and gradually over time the feeling of anxiety with shift into enthusiasm, the feeling of guilt will turn into hope, the feeling of anger will transform into happiness. when you wake up in the morning think about your breathing. inhale. exhale. you are alive, and if that doesn’t make you smile, than i don’t know what will..

© 2015 laalaxox

Author's Note

(i know my grammar/punctuation is shocking wrote this in a hurry, nothing less the message is still present)

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the fragile and delicate mix of change of emotions over brain is displayed. and title describes it pretty much well written enjoyed reading it ... keep smiling :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

Great job and the grammar/punctuation wasn't an issue as you meaning and thoughts came through wonderfully! Great job

Posted 7 Years Ago

Absolutely fantastic, this is a great piece, I agree with you, understanding and controlling,
thoughts, awesome. I did a little piece on positive thinking.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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