Star Magician

Star Magician

A Story by Labu

This city does not have stars before.However I really wish you could see it.Since you been gone the road that I walk in had been really quiet and broad.Finally I have learned the most beautiful magic in the world just for you....
Magician:The stars shine brightly in the sky tonight...
Old man:You truly are a great magician.I don't think the stars tonight is your magic at all.
Magician:Is it beautiful?
Old man:Yes in fact its the most beautiful I've ever seen
Magician:There this one time a king ask me to do a magic show for him.He wants my magic to astonish all his peoples.I have to refuse.Its because I only want to share the scenery of the sky just like tonight with the girl of my dream.Before this we always sat on top of that tower and gazed at sky that don't give any meaning at all.She said "Isn't wonderful time like this could be shared together.I like stars...."But unfortunately stars are hard to find in the city at that time.Determine to make her happy I go on a quest to find a magic that could bring stars in the sky.The journey is lonely and tough but the though of her keep me determined.At last a few years later I finally manages to learn the most amazing magic just for her.Not wasting my time I hurried back to the city to find her.But because i have left the city for so long, the city had change to the point that its hard for me to navigate anymore.I search for her in every corners of the city but still no sign of her.I just want to make stars in the sky.This city is filled with numerous roads it make you lost if you're not careful.I still think that she is somewhere in this city gazing at the sky that she dreams of.Makes me wonder sometime if all of this could bring her happiness she deserve.
Old man:Happiness ...Is it true my dear magician?You only think that she like seeing stars,not realizing that she think of you more than all the stars in the sky rite now.Without you by her side even the brightest stars cannot bring her happiness..   

© 2011 Labu

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I loved the set up, a city without stars, the old man the magician, would make a beautiful poem. As a fable it is pretty but seems to lack a fables wry humor. The ending perhaps a bit too predictable sentimentality. But I loved the picture you painted, like a city I have walked in my dreams.

Posted 7 Years Ago

some gramatical problems but i love the overall story/ moral. beautiful.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Often we go about our lives busy doing things that are not meaninful, but the true magic lies in simple things, such as being near the one we love. This story made me think.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on May 8, 2011
Last Updated on May 11, 2011



Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

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