Remembering you

Remembering you

A Story by Labu

If i can turn back time i wish I could erase all the discomfort on my mind...
Raining heavily....
Old man:If you keep standing there you'll get cold you know
Old man:Thank god we found a place to rest
Girl:Its look like the rain wont be stopping soon
Old man:Before the rain finish his last drop do you want to share your story with me?
Girl:Maybe...I love this man once with all my heart.We like to go to the aquarium together and look at the all fishes that swam freely.However our love don't last long.The truth is that we both starting to feel that our relationship is getting dull.He takes the decision to breakup.We started to go on our own separate ways looking for happiness of our own.I made up my mind.No more remembering the past.No more time for tears.As I walk in the town the other day I found the book that we both like when we still together.We search for the book all over the town before and we still didn't find it.At that time all I thinks is him.I could imagine the smile on his face if we could find the book.And then I realize that his name still holding strong in my mind.Everything is so clear now.Just like the memories that I've erase..
Old man:You still love him?
Girl:No.Everything is meaningless now.
Old man:If you still love him,you should tell him how you feel.Don't let let your stubbornness takes your happiness away.
Girl:There is no more to be remembered now.We both have gone our separate ways and found the happiness that we seek.We both did not want to hurt each others feeling.In fact on the day of our breakup we still could smile and consider this as fate.We did not want to remorse over what have happen.Let all the time we've been together be our eternal memories.I still thinks that no matter what happen I will still remember him forever.
Old man:How can you forget,he is your first love after all.  
Girl:The rain has stop..I've made up my mind.I'm going to made the best of my life from now on.
Old man:Are you sure that you don't want to tell him how you feel?
Girl:No.I don't want him to be sad.Its better for both of us to keep pretending that we have forget the past.
Old man:Well the rain has stop.I'll be going on my way now.If you chose to forget the past,you have to make sure that you keep yourself in present happy as well. 
Girl:Yes,I know.. 

© 2011 Labu

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Added on May 9, 2011
Last Updated on May 28, 2011



Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

figure out urself :P more..

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