A Poem by anne p. murray- LadeeAnne



“Tis’ well”, she mocks with words of bitter scorn

“For avenged I shall rightfully be…

Oh ye’ shall wail in woes of endless tears

And the taste- will be so sweet”, said she

“No my angst shall not be in vain

For one day… I’ll feed upon your pain” 

Now when he pricks her ruby heart…

Her wounded soul no longer bleeds

She waits like a spider to give her bite so fatal

He bids her message to his waiting lair

Her deadly web she cunningly weaves like a cradle 

The night was bleak, storm clouds black

Strange images filled the cold, misty air

Lightning flashed or’e ground and sky

Echoing howls of raged despair 

As she approaches his open gate

Her angry, bitter gloom extends thicker, deeper

He has no idea of his dreadful fate

Knows not he, of the danger lurking there


When she entered his darkened room

The hearth inviting in his snare…

A sulphurous fire was hotly burning

Ere’ he know not of his waiting fare 

Her shadowy figure encircled his laying form

As utter terror rose in his gaze

But the fire in his lady’s eyes

Was hotter than the hearth’s warm blaze 

Suddenly- all was silent in his room

His body lay cold - and oh so very dead

His fleeting soul left with a morbid gloom  


The blood slowly creeped from out his eyes

Her lover…now erased

Then she coldly lay his straight razor at his side

She’d be the last memory on his face  

“Tis’ well” she slyly mocked…

“I warned…

for avenged I shall be”, said she
Then into the night she stealthily walked

Then into the night she walkedII 


Rachel whispered her words…

“If it was your twisted intention

To give inspiration thru’ deception

My darling it worked its spell
You'll never put another women thru' your hell"

Go forth now…and weep thy doomou'll never put another women thru' your hell"III 


She pens now from the blackest corner of her soul


Inside her dungeon walls

Where darkness falls like brimstone

With no regrets to whom it may burn

Hot and heavy with torment and woe


If... or when she finds her place

In your Cimmerian sky

Wrath shall rain down upon you if you lie…

 Scorching you ten fold and over

Then like her beloved…
You may just die


Rachel Rising... 


Rachel awoke...

Sweat dripping of her brow

Her brain on fire

As she lay dreaming in her bed

Cradled by her vindictive nightmares

Oh how corrupt were they

For a lover she  soon planned to slay



                               The end

© 2014 anne p. murray- LadeeAnne

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Oh my this is dark - I went on a journey with a woman abused, angry and needing to release pent up frustration and anger towards her abuser so she dreams of killing him!! A thriller movie is the making?!?

Posted 7 Years Ago

anne p. murray- LadeeAnne

7 Years Ago

Hey Carolynn...Yes me too. believe it or not...it was a fun write, if I say so myself!!! ;-)
.. read more

7 Years Ago

Hugs back - beautiful write! Morbidly satisfying teehee :)
anne p. murray- LadeeAnne

7 Years Ago

Yeah... Morbidly satisfying (LOL)

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anne p. murray- LadeeAnne
anne p. murray- LadeeAnne

Birmingham, AL

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