My Green Stamp Baby Girl

My Green Stamp Baby Girl

A Poem by anne p. murray- LadeeAnne

Memory of the birth of my first born daughter...Angela


I have a very special daughter named Angela

She is my sweet, first born child…

 Oh, such a child was I still myself

Those beautiful moments in time

that linger so sweet in my memories

I weave all the many colors of her life deep within my heart...

for she was my beautiful, tiny baby girl...

my very special second soul

She was born on my 19th birthday

in the spring of April 1963

I remember waking up in the hospital

and asking my dad if I had my baby yet?

You see in those days natural childbirth

was not very well-known

I had a sedative called twilight sleep

and boy…I didn’t remember anything.

In those days S&H Green stamps

 were very popular in the U.S.

from about the 1930’s until the late 1980’s

You received them after purchases

then you could trade them in for other items

I had been saving my Green Stamps

all during my pregnancy for baby items

When the nurse brought my dinner

in to me the evening after I had my baby

it had my name on small green card

that was placed on my dinner tray

I very innocently and most sincerely said to my father…

“Oh look dad, I got Green Stamps for

Having my baby”

So now she and I fondly call her...

My “Green Stamp Baby”



© 2015 anne p. murray- LadeeAnne

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Added on August 2, 2015
Last Updated on August 3, 2015


anne p. murray- LadeeAnne
anne p. murray- LadeeAnne

Birmingham, AL

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