The Magikal Forest Of Ode'

The Magikal Forest Of Ode'

A Story by anne p. murray- LadeeAnne

A bewitching tale of mystikal magik; faeries, elves and enchanting joy.




Once upon a time in the Magikal' Forest of Ode’

Buried deep in the mystikal' forests of greene’

Many majikal' creatures are seen

Glittering flashes that glow in firelite'

Of dancing faeries and elves in the night

Pixies riding fireflies

Faeries on butterflies 


Gnomes dashing here and beyonde'

Playing gayly across the sky blue ponds

Moon babees’ flying with gossamer wings

While moon goddess’ and leprechauns merrily sing


Elves riding giddily on birds and bees

Dazzling and sparkling throughout the trees

While us mortals sleep unaware

They frolic about without a care

They hide in and out amongst the glades

Where during the day many children have played

With elfin magic the woodland abounds

Playing in the forest on faery grounds.



We must get on with this magikal' tale!

So, come along with me now


We’re going into the Magikal 'Forest and open the veil




                         The Lourde’ and His Ladee’ 


The Lourde’ and his Ladee rode mysteriously thru the nite'

Her arms entwined around him tight

The horse they rode was dark, glistening black

He majestikally' carried them both on his back



The Lourde’ and his Ladee’ traveled swiftly thru the nit nite'

Her arms entwined around him tight

They rode with the wind and the shadows of dark

For they both held secrets deep in their hearts

“ Mystikal' spells from the Earth and the Sea "

Said the Lourde' of the night to his Elfin Ladee'

“ Spells”, she whispered, from the Mystik' and Olde’

Use them well he said, “ Be brave, be bold ”!

With cobweb silk and dust from the stars,

They made magikal' promises from lands afar

“ Have no fear,”  said the Lourde’'to his Elfin Ladee’

As they road thru the nite' so dark and shady



“ No longer me sweete’ shall ye be alone

Magikal’ love together we’ve sown ”


With thunderous hooves they rode into the nite'

The moonbeams golden, the stars glittering brite’

The ritual magik' of sorcerers and elves,

Softe' green moss and bewitching spells

They rode hard and fast into the night

Guided safely by the stars and soft moonlite’

His hair black as midnight hers golden like the sun    
Their spirits and souls were joined together as one

“ We shall soon be there,” said the Ladee’ to her Lourde’

“ We’ll find moonbeam faeries and elves with swords "


They brought bewitching spells and Enchanted Scrolls

They carried them tightly in mystikal' rolls

The  Lourde'  and his Ladee’ held the magik' Key

This Lourde’ and his Ladee’ of mystery

They carried magikal' stones and Celtic spells

They were very wise they would use them well


The Moon Beam riders had traveled to Earth

To bless each childe' at it’s moment of birth 


The Lourde’ and his Ladee’ rode swiftly down the road

To join leprechauns and pixies in the Forest of Ode’

They must quickly make haste before the night turned around

Fire faeries and star babees' danced merrily on the ground


Dream Weavers and Sandmen scurried joyfully thru the woods

Carrying brite coulored' baskets filled with magikal' goods


A woodland wedding for the bride and the groom

In the Garden of  Ode’ under the stars and the moon.

Faerie bride Marina with hair spun of  gold

Avid the groom so brave... so bold

Marina's gown was shimmering, starbrite' white

As Avid the brave one stood beside her in the nite'


They all joined together singing jubilant songs of great glee

Then the Lourde’ and his Ladee’ rode in with the magik' key


Magik' and musik' echoed thru the nite' air

As the Lourde’ and his Ladee’ joined the tiny pair

The Magikal' Garden rang oute’ in joyous song

As Marina and Avid said their vows to belong


Elves, gnomes, wizards, moon babees' and pixies  

Water and Earth spirits and a faerie named Trixie 



All dancing in the garden where the all wizards dwelled

Made of magikal' faerie dust, soft green moss and bluebells


Slowly the twilite' started slipping away

As they all sang and danced in joyful play

Then all of a sudden... quite out of the blue

In a blink of thee eye, away they all flew

In the realms of  twilite' shimmering across the nite' sky...

there was a fluttering of wings...

as they all began to fly fly fly


Their silvery wings glistened like stars in the night

As they majestikally' ascended into mystikal' flight


After all the fairies and elves went to their homes of yonder

Marina and Avid began their married life together

They lived in their Enchanted Cottage in the magikal' Forest Of Ode'...

                     ' Happily ever after and after and after '


                                    The Happy End



 I know ye’ believe in faeries and elves

Ye' must believe like ye’ believe in ye’ self

Ye' must believe in magik' for it truly does exist

Search thru' forests and trees and mysterious mist


Once upon a time in the Enchanted Forest of  Ode’

Many mysterious magikal' seeds were sown

Seeds of enchantment, mystikal' charms and magik' stones

Steeped in the mystikal' magik' of love and lore

Ye’ muste’ keep ye’ eyes open...

                  There will be more!


Some night the Sandman may whisk ye’ away

To our mysterious lands of mythikal' magik'

Guess what? ...

Ye' just might want to stay!         



            In the quiet still dusks of morn’...

            ye’ can hear the whole world whispering

            The shy, green grasses making love

             with the early, morning moisture of the dew



Everything there is to hear is in the heart of  hidden things


  magical forest 



Ye’ must always wish on shooting stars


 Ye’ must always look for four leaf clovers      



Ye’ must always say “Bless ye” after someone sneezes


        Ye’ must always sing

“Mr. Sandman Bring Me a Dream”,

before ye’ lay thee head down to sleep

Ye muste’ always, always put your pulled teeth under ye’ pillow, so our Tooth Faerie will leave thee some coins.


That way ye’ shall never be without gold




By Anne P Murray _LadeeAnne

A 'Pas De Duex'  of Rhythm and Visions

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© 2015 anne p. murray- LadeeAnne

Author's Note

anne p. murray- LadeeAnne
A faery tale for children and adults who enjoy fantasy, wonder, magik and enchantment
Written with the spelling of Olde' English form

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I was able to envision this quite nicely :] Thanks for writing...

Posted 6 Years Ago

Hi Anne,

I've joined the group 'To Write For A Child' very recently, and I stumbled across your writing while trying to get the feel of the group and its members.

Well, although I'm not habituated with the Olde' English form and have been totally out of touch with classical English literature as well as fairy tales, that didn't hinder the pleasure I could draw from your poem-story. The elements of magic and mysticism have been well-constructed, and so has been the charm of old-world fairy tales with elves, fairies and hidden spirits that abound that woodlands at night. I also loved the way in which the main tale has been preceded and succeeded with introduction/conclusion/words from the poet's own heart.

It must not have been easy to write this piece - given its form, length and rhythm. Kudos!

Posted 6 Years Ago

I love it, your rhymes and pictures are wonderful. I could envision it really well.

Posted 8 Years Ago

You've been under the hill. It's few I've met that have.

Posted 8 Years Ago

A very long but beautifully written saga!
So captivating I had to keep reading because
the imagery wouldn’t allow me to quit!
Nicely done!!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 8 Years Ago

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